Lethal Weapon Jacket

The fashion trends of this winter - Leather bomber jacket

Leather is indeed the king of raw materials used in the garment industry. Besides the textile industry, leather is the most commonly used material these days. Especially the fashion industry is very fond of designing leather of different types in to the most attractive and chic clothing and accessories. There is a wide range of variety of the leather garments offered to the customers who want to look good and stylish dressed up in leather apparel. Among all type of leather garment, the leather jackets are the hot favorite of the people. Since these jackets are both elegant as well as durable, they make the perfect choice for all those out there who are fond of enjoy life with style.

Since there are various types of leather jackets these days, the lethal weapon jacket is the one which stole the hearts of many owing to the variety of leather types used to manufacture these jackets. The bomber jackets have a rich history right from the decade of 1940’s when it was called the Aviator jacket by the pilots till date when it is known as the lethal weapon jacket.

A modern lethal weapon jacket is typically made from the sheep skin, suede and lambskin. Depicting the natural properties of sheep and lamb, the jackets are soft and comfortable to wear. For the same reason, people are in love with the bomber jacket made of leather as it offers the desired warmth and style. As far as the design of the jacket is concerned, the hot favorite of this season is the hook-on-hood design which makes you feel attractive as well as comfortable. The flocculent lining renders it warm considering the expected cold weather and the detachable hood ensures the element of convenience of the user.

Talking about the preferences of the beautiful women out there, they mostly go for a different color than the black leather jacket. Yes! It is the brown jacket which steals the show. Although the leather jackets in black also look elegant but the latest trend in the leather jacket is that of a brown one which makes you look poised and graceful if worn with suitable accessories. Most of the modern women of the present day tend to wear a brown leather jacket with white dress and the matching knee-high boots. Besides brown, the funky colors like red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and silver are also in fashion this winter.

One of the most popular designs of the bomber jacket made of leather comes in the knee length style with snap open front. The waist seam is such as to fit the body contours. Women mostly like this design as they want to have a fitted leather jackets making them look smart and attractive. Moreover, the leather bomber jackets with high collar are also in demand especially in the men’s variety as it gives a rough and tough look. The guys being fond of using the leather jacket to show off the rough side of their personality by way of casual looking leather jackets, this design matches their style perfectly. The different designs of cuffs and pockets also present a wide array of variety to the customers according to the personal preferences as the designers are trying hard to cater to the growing needs of the customers.