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The New This Season – Colorful and Trendy Leather Jacket

The current fashion season is one in which we have seen a resurgent interest in leather jackets. Leather jackets seem to be everywhere you look. Interestingly, in this current fashion season, leather jackets for women seem to be at least as prominent as john lennon jacket, if not more prominent. The leather jackets we are now seeing are not those of the old dull variety. Instead, they are unapologetically colorful and trendy. In as far as leather jacket fashion goes, modesty seems to have been done away with, in favor of flamboyance. The ‘new’ this season, in terms of colorful and trendy leather jackets includes:

Shiny black motorcycle jackets with thick grey straps

Most of these are designed for ladies. This is interesting because just a decade ago, when most motorcycle jackets were designed for men, it would have been hard to find some of the features in the moto jackets that are specifically designed for women. The shiny black motorcycle jackets in question here are more of fashion items (for, say, walking with on the streets) as opposed to being functional motorcycle jackets. The thick grey straps, at the bottom of the jackets, coordinate well with the shiny black color schemes. These jackets can be worn with denim jeans trousers (to create a rugged look) or with matching leather pants (to create a wild look).

Well fitting emerald green leather jackets which go with long dresses

Gone are the days when classic men’s or women’s leather jackets had to be black or brown. Emerald green leather jackets give a new definition to colorfulness. Most of the emerald green leather jackets we encounter in the current fashion season are well fitting, in terms of length. This is to say that they are designed not to be too long or too short: they reach the waist. A good number of them are for women, but we also have john lennon jacket under this trend. The well fitting emerald green leather jackets go well with long dresses: and those could be anything, from fall dresses to spring dresses.

Brown leather jackets with golden buttons

The golden buttons in these leather jackets are to be found on the top, and on the main bodies of the jackets, where they run alongside the zip. They are designed mainly to serve an aesthetic role, though they can also be fastened when it is particularly cold.

Most of these brown leather jackets are made using high quality leather, and they are thick jackets to be found mostly in fall-winter collections. They blend well with skirts and pants rendered in the traditional ‘hot’ or ‘screaming’ colors such as red and yellow.

Leather jackets with small almost invisible seams

These are amongst the trendy leather jackets this season. The small, almost invisible seams give the impression that the jackets are seamless, which gives them a mysterious aura. A good number of the leather jackets we are talking about here are made out of the varieties of leather (real or faux) that are shiny.

Colorful leather jackets with four front pockets

Most of these are john lennon jacket, and they are regarded as some of the trendiest men’s clothing items at the moment. The four front pockets are set up in such a manner that two are on the upper part of the jackets, with two on the lower part of the jackets. The pockets are set into the leather jackets, as opposed to them being placed on top, which makes for a trendy, modern look. Most of the jackets constituting this look are in black, and they match well with blue and black denim pants.