James Bond Jacket

The sporty and practical look - the hooded jackets - new trends and styles

Sporting a leather jacket doesn’t always mean that one needs to look extremely formal or overdressed. In fact, there are a wide variety of leather jackets that call for a more relaxed and sporty kind of outfit. Among these jackets there is the James Bond jacket, and it makes evident that an addition as simple as a hood can make things feel less serious and formal. These days a James Bond jacket can come in different colors and styles, which gives different customers different options to pick from.

The Hooded Bomber jacket stands as one of the most popular jackets among its kind. The jacket’s hood is in most cases detachable and it carries a casual and relaxed style by sporting a ribbed waist line and cuffs. The leather jacket usually comes with a fully zipped front and four pockets: two on the lower sides and two flapped pockets along the breast. It is a perfect fit for those who want to sport something casual during the coldest seasons of the year. It is available in black, brown, white, blue, red, and yellow colors.

There is also the Tanned Hooded Bomber jacket, which is popular in a rich shade of chocolate brown. They also features a detachable hood, but this one comes with less pockets. Instead of having four pockets in the front, this one only features two pockets, one on each side of its fully zipped front, along the breast section. The Bistre comes with ribbed cuffs and features pockets along the sleeves. Although it is popular in its rich chocolate tone, it is also available in other colors such as black and white. It comes in different sizes.

For a more casual and even more relaxed look, a Melanex Leather Hooded Bomber jacket might be a better choice. This one features an inner lining made out of white faux fur, something that even reaches and goes around the jacket’s entire collar. This jacket features a fully zipped front and it carries a trendy belt around the waist which is made out of the same kind of leather that makes out the rest of the external side of the jacket. Overall, this jacket is not only warm and comfortable, but also it is certainly stylish.

A wilder take on the James Bond jacket might be the hooded jackets, a jacket comes with a hood that aligns with the material of the overall jacket. Also, this jacket features a comfortable polyester lining and woolen cuffs, which are features that make the jacket feel comfortable and warm. The hood is aligned with the front zipper, making the jacket look elegant and trendy. This jacket also comes with two zipped pockets in the front and is popular in color black. However, it is also available in brown, white, red, and other colors as well.

Perhaps the coming seasons will get colder and frightening, but a James Bond jacket will not only protect its bearer from the threatening weather, but it will also give them the fashionable and relaxed perfect look for the season. As these jackets come in different colors, sizes, and styles, people facing low temperature conditions will be able to walk with their favorite trendy jacket.