Iron Man Jacket

Leather Garment Made Popular by Movies - The Latest Craze

When it comes to action movies, men of all ages seem to be ready to jump off their seats and go out to save the world just like their favorite characters to it on screen. Moreover, these audiences seem to want to imitate their heroes by trying to imitate their look, starting with simple things such as a haircut, and seeking to imitate other most complex things such as the outfit. Such is the case of superheroes and strong movie characters that wear a leather garment, which suddenly seems to become a hot widely demanded item in leather stores everywhere. Luckily, leather companies have become aware of the demand and have responded to it with the latest trends in leather garments from movies.

One of the movie franchises with multiple characters wearing a leather jacket is X-men. In fact, they all wear leather outfits when it is time to save the world. However, it is not a surprise that the most popular jacket, is the iron man jacket, the one he wears when he rides his motorcycle as well as many other times when he has to fight the bad guys. The iron man jacket might come in different versions, but the most renowned one, is the brown one with three light stripes on every elbow and a centered zipper closure.

As The Avengers movie started to become widely popular, one of its characters caught the eyes of the audience and provided them with the longing for his leather vest. This character is Hawkeye. Hawkeye’s leather vest is available in six different colors, but the most popular ones are black and brown. In fact, the black one is the one he wore in the movie installment. This vest features two discrete pockets that covered with small zippers, and a front zipper. The vest also carries the hawk symbol on the upper right part as well as an elaborated panel touch around the shoulders and the front.

One thing is for sure: superheroes are not the only characters that make a lasting impression within their audiences. Other action figures accomplish such impact and sometimes, this impact lasts for generations. Such is the case of Terminator and of course, the leather jackets that Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in the 1990s movie franchise that made him popular. The leather jackets that are similar to the ones worn by Schwarzenegger are at reach for all of those Terminator fans around. This black leather jacket features a trendy neck with double wings, as well as multiple pockets around the hand and breast areas. Since the jacket goes a little bit below the waist, it features a stylish belt as well.

Another action figure that has become as famous as his leather jackets, is the new James Bond played by Daniel Craig in the latest installments of Agent 007. This jacket seems simple as its amount of features is limited to its lapelled neck and double pockets on each side. However, Craig has shown that someone can wear the jacket and look sophisticated and mysterious, just like his character does in Casino Royale. Surely anyone owning one of these jackets will not pass unnoticed while walking down a busy street.

The amount of action movies just seems to increase as the time passes by, and its characters are likely to sport a leather jacket as they get in trouble while trying to save the world. Men will keep aiming to imitate the style of their favorite characters and the accessibility to a leather jacket will surely help them to meet their goal.