Indiana Jones Jacket

The Indiana Jones Jacket - The Changing Style Over A Decade

Leather jackets are very popular in the current era especially among the younger generation. When this fashion is adopted by celebrities it gains more popularity and the leather jacket worn by Indiana Jones is the perfect example for this. The leather jacket worn by Indiana Jones is one of the unique identifiers of the character, it was a concept that Steven Spielberg formulated for his character which eventually became one of the most popular character in Hollywood industry. Deborah Nadoolman was the designer chosen for this purpose and she was the designer behind the Indiana Jones Jacket.

Based on the sketches given by Deborah ten military styles plain hemmed jackets were ordered from Wilson’s leather. However Wilson’s leather didn’t manufacture the design that was needed and has some serious flaws to it and that’s why it was rejected. Leather jackets are still very popular and are within the reach of every person, these jackets are easily available over the internet at reasonable prices and offer the same comfortable feel and durability as any other jacket. One the reason to the success of leather jacket and its popularity is the comfort and durability it offers. No other fabric is able to give durability like leather jackets.

The World War II style A2 jackets which were worn by Indiana Jones in the movie also became popular and were sold in new designs and different colors. Leather jackets were initially popular only among the bikers but later on when celebrities and stars started to wear them in their movies fan and ordinary people also started to wear them and these jackets became a huge hit. Leather jackets have always been popular and seem to have not lost any of its popularity but on the other hand with all the new designs and varieties these leather jackets are becoming more and more popular.

There is no doubt that celebrities have played a great role in promoting leather jackets through their movies and music videos. People like Michael Jackson have also worn leather jackets for a very long time in their music videos and the jacket worn by him in the thriller music video had become very popular. Apart from the design of leather jackets shown in the Indiana Jones film, leather jackets are now available in many different styles and colors but there is no doubt that the film Indiana Jones has played a great part in the promotion of these leather jackets.

Leather jackets can easily be found in the current era and they are available in countless number of designs. Designs like hooded bomber jackets, black leather jackets and vented leather jackets are very popular among buyers. These jackets are not only popular for their look instead they are popular for the comfort, durability and protection that these jackets can offer. If you are a biker then you should not even think about riding your bike without your leather jackets because if you have an accident this jacket can protect you from bruises, burns and cuts. If you really want to buy a stylish looking jacket then the Indiana Jones jacket is the perfect one because it can offer comfort and durability like any other leather jacket which is out there.