Inception Leather Jacket

Customized motorcycle gear - Whats in for ladies this season

Motorcycle gear is the coolest apparel of all time. It can be deemed vintage wear because ever since it has been around very little has designs. There may be a lot of manufacturers who offer different qualities to the garment but the style and purpose of the gear has stayed the same throughout the existence of the motorcycle.

In the beginning it was predominantly driven by men. As time went on women started gaining their independence and got motorcycle licenses. They could finally feel the thrill of speeding down a highway and cruising in the byway. Female bikers gained momentum. Although there aren’t a lot of them seen at biker country clubs and the road, they do exist. Men’s motorcycle gear is a lot more popular than inception leather jacket. It is still a mystery why women are underrated in the biking world.

Very few manufacturers cater for the women’s figure when making the gear. Despite this there are few brands that have removed the scales from their eyes and created inception leather jacket. It is not just the man who needs protection from the harsh elements of the open road. Not only is the following gear made especially for women but they come in custom and standard form:

Vanson Leather moto jacket

This ‘built to last’ jacket is made in black and has a snap collar. It is a neat jacket that isn’t stuffed with zips and frills on the outside. Called the Model AR3, it sticks to the traditional look of a biker jacket.

REV’IT! Women’s Gear 2 pants

You can be sure that these pants in no way resemble the men’s riding pant. These REV’IT! pants where designed by women for women. The only things that they’ve borrowed are the safety and functional features. The pants have straps by the waist that you can adjust. The pants have the ability to stretch at the back and knees. Safety stitching, EVA foam at the hips and CE protection at the knees will ensure you remain intact for any crash you may come across. The leather pants are designed to make you look good and keep you safe and comfortable. Riding a bike has never looked this good.

Cortech – LRX Series 3 Women’s Jacket

The jacket comes in four different colours, black, light blue, silver and pink. These colours are placed in sections of the jacket. Teasing the eye. It has adjustable straps that help to shelter elbow armour and material. The hand pockets double as vents because of the Armor Link 2 mesh lining.

Speed and Strength Women’s Motolisa Boots

Oh yes! Now these are the boots that exude style, flair and a hard-core attitude. Designed by revzilla they have a fiery red inner lining and textured leather on the outside. It has toe, shin and ankle reinforcements, rubber soles and decorative buckles. Look gorgeously protected in these kick-ass boots.

Inception leather jacket is slowly edging in sideways. It has a style appeal and it can be passed off as a fashion piece. The designs hug the body comfortably, and are equipped with all the armour and vents necessary to make a ride pleasant. Just because you are a woman who rides doesn’t mean you style and class should be kicked to the curb. Be a woman who is bold and daring but yet classic and vintage in inception leather jacket. The biker gear made for women, street or sport is rather sexy and sassy!