Hunger Games Jacket

The favorite celebrity movie inspired jackets

Inspiration to make unique clothing unconventional to the masses today can come from anywhere, the park, a construction site, a taxi and even a dump site. Most clothes we see today that are popular come from a style/dress code that was initially exclusive to a specific group of people. The leather jacket is one such item. In the beginning it was for pilots and soldiers. Motorcyclist only incorporated the leather jacket into their safety gear later.

Today leather is worn by anyone and everyone who can get their hands on it. The leather jacket became popular after it appeared in a few movies e.g. Wild One, with actors wearing the jacket.

Today the movies still hugely influence the clothes we buy and fall in love with. Funny enough, even though the movies did first bring the leather jacket to the masses, it is still doing the same thing today.

Most items worn in the movies are fairly new, fresh from the fashion designers production factory. Displaying the garment on screen is the quickest and fastest way to introduce it to the masses. The leather jackets seen on the big screen inspire a breed of similar or completely different jackets. The leather jackets that are a fan favourite are available in a number of online stores. The popular stores are and Locating the original designer can be a daunting task, especially when searching online. These are the favourite celebrity movie inspired leather jackets that the world has fallen in love with:

Wolverine jacket

Worn by Hugh Jackman in X-men and the Wolverine movies, the jacket is Wolverine’s signature jacket. You can spot him through the jacket. The jacket has become a fan favourite because of the dark brown strips found on the elbows and the bottom of the jacket. Very few or no design has come up with the worn by Wolverine. So the jacket is original and unique to the fashion industry. A replica of the jacket is available in a variety of online stores.

Hunger games jacket

A brown ladies leather jacket worn by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is usually a men’s leather jacket that is gains popularity in the movie market. Lawrence makes the hunger games jacket a must-have by pulling the off a dark coloured leather jacket in the midst of bright coloured and soft pastel leather jackets. The hunger games jacket is suited for tomboys or girls that love dabbling in some men’s wear. It was featured in the first and second movie.

Dark Knight jacket

This jacket was worn by lead actor Christian Bale. The jacket gained popularity because of its one-of-a-kind name. It is called a bane jacket because of the wide collar it has. The wide collar offers a deep cleavage in the breast area. Bale wore it in brown but a duplicate of the jacket can be found in a selection of colours.

Iron Man jacket

The Iron Man jacket is famous because it has a snap collar and asymmetrical pockets on one side of the jacket. Robert Downey Jr. wore the jacket with confidence and added a touch of sexiness to his role in the movie. Like the Dark Knight jacket, a replica of the Iron Man jacket can be found online.

Celebrity movie inspired clothes or accessories will remain popular until the end of time. As long there is a need for movie production, fashion designers will keep showering the public with new items that are set to make a trend for all seasons and years to come.