Howard Hughes jacket

Punky and in trend - The studded leather jacket

Textile industry has come a long way since its existence. Now the different type of fabrics are being processed and created by making good use of the latest technology. However, a parallel industry has developed in the form of the leather garments. Yes! These both industries co-exist and each tries to win over the other. Since it all depends on the customers’ satisfaction and demand, we cannot say which one is the ultimate winner. But this is also an accepted fact that leather apparel is now the hot favorite of many people. The main reason is its malleability and durability which makes it suitable to be used as jackets, gloves, socks, pants and even shirts besides other accessories like caps and hats.

Leather jackets stole the hearts of most of the people as they look funky and stylish. A wide collection of leather jackets are now designed and made available on the market in order to cater to the growing needs of the customers. Among the different styles of leather jackets, the hot favorite of this season is the studded leader jacket. A Howard Hughes jacket  is basically the one which comes with a sort of embellishment and is a bit fancier than the ordinary one.

The stud design is the most popular among the youth as it matches their style and personality. The studded jackets come in different styles like they are available in full length as well as the hip-length leather jacket. Women mostly prefer the leather jackets with short length as they want to show off their style.

You may go for a leather jacket having studs on the collar. Again, there are some designs in which the collar is studded only on the front, while there are others with fully studded collar. The collar style and shape also offer a variation with the sharp cornered collar or a round collar. The most preferred style of collar is the coat collar covered fully with the studs.

The colors of studs used on the leather jackets are mostly contrasting to the base color of the jacket. As for example, golden studs are more prominent on the light colored jackets like khaki, beige, yellow etc while the silver studs complement the overall look of the dark colors such as black and brown.

The studded leather jackets also come with the fitting on the waistline. This is basically a ladies style as they want to have tight and smart fitting more than the male customers. Not just this, but the studded leather jackets are also available in other styles. As for instance, if you are a motorcyclist, you may find the best Howard Hughes jacket specially designed for bikers. Similarly, for a rougher look, you may go for a bomber jacket in the fully studded style.

The studded leather jackets are made from different types of leather. The most commonly used leather is manufactured from the cow hide and suede. As the Suede leather looks smooth and soft, the studded style go with the material very nicely. The new trend of Howard Hughes jacket has indeed invaded the fashion industry, winning the hearts of designers who are now designing more and more styles of the these jackets. So, get one for you if you also want to flaunt your style.