Hawkeye Vest

The Micheal Jackson Jacket collection: why they are always so popular

A pop icon that was loved by the world over. His music changed countless lives and it still continues to do so. While most singers prefer to be all-rounders, going into acting, presenting, etc. Michael Jackson is the only singer/producer/songwriter/director known to man to have made a living solely on music. He is popular for making music that is original to whom he is. He was never one to follow the trends when it came to producing a record breaking and chart topping album. Music videos that accompanied the latest release of a single where prone to be movies and they took the viewer on a journey. “At times when I watched a Michael Jackson music video I wouldn’t want it to end,” says an avid MJ fan.

Despite only making a name for himself through music, the clothes that he wore in music videos and the streets of Hollywood became desired fashion pieces by the public. The most desired is the white glove that he always wore on stage. Replicas of his clothes are made various stores and online shops aiming to meet the demand from fans. The Michael Jackson Jacket collection is quite extensive. From the iconic thriller jacket to the textured hawkeye vest. Many of his garments that he wore for video promos have been preserved. Some jackets are available as replicas.

The most popular replica jacket of Michael Jackson the thriller jacket. The jacket was seen at a time when coloured biker jackets weren’t all the rage. The quilted neck and shoulder pads as well as the strips of black that where on the jacket gave a fresh and appealing look to the jacket. The red jacket became a coveted piece during the time. It is a signature piece that symbolized a turning around of the fashion industry. Today it is still loved because of that. Online it is available in different colours and styles. Despite the design being adapted and redesigned in some way or another, it still sticks to the original Michael Jackson jacket. The red jacket does quite a lot for the personality of the wearer. It oozes a bad boy imageand a daring appeal.

Michael Jackson impersonators are known to wear the Billie Jean jacket. This sparkly and glittery jacket is famous for its sequins shining bright when they hit the light. The single white strip on the right hand side of the jacket creates a stylish look. A jacket that is this unique is a rare find. Most contemporary designs that are made always match. If the left side is going to have embroidery or embellishments then the same thing must be rendered on the right side. The Billie Jean is still popular today because of that one distinct white strip. This was probably seen as an act of rebellion by the fashion industry, but it is no secret that Michael Jackson did his own thing. Very few people could dictate to him. 

The hawkeye vest is another jacket that changed things. The jacket that he wore in the music video had a bad boy and ‘don’t care’ attitude coming off it. It had quite a few eye-popping zips and lightly studded shoulder pads. In the music video the sleeves are rolled up to show that he means business.

Michael Jackson’s memorabilia is still popular because he was a style icon. He wasn’t afraid to push boundaries and to think out of the box. Jackets like the thriller jacket, the Billie Jean jacket as well as the hawkeye vest ongoing popularity prove that he was the best fashion advisor.