Ghost Rider Jacket

The Comic heroes leather jackets - The real life look

Many kids these days like to immerse themselves in the world of comics. Sometimes they wonder how to look like their favorite superhero and go save the world just like them. Many of these kids later grow into adulthood, and deep inside them, they know they want to one day look like a superhero. Good thing is that leather apparel stores have now replicated the look of the jackets of these famous superheroes and now comic fans can acquire these jackets at the nearest leather apparel store. From the Ghost rider jacket to Wolverine’s, a wide variety of options is available for comics enthusiast to come and find their favorite superhero outfit.

The Ghost rider jacket is known for sporting the colors of the U.S. flag: a blue jacket with white starts and thick red stripes (also some silver ones) around. This jacket is now available for those avid fans of Captain America who want to go out to the streets and look just like their favorite superhero. Its front can be closed with fastened buttons. This is a one hundred percent genuine leather jacket, which along with its heavy-duty characteristics make it a especial jacket to wear on a rainy day. The inside of the jacket is polyester lined, which make it feel warm and comfortable.

However, the blue Ghost rider jacket with the stars and stripes is not the only style available. There is also another jacket: the Captain America motorcycle jacket that Chris Evans is seen wearing before his everyday character turns into Captain America in the first installment of the movie. This motorcycle jacket carries a vintage look. It comes with a crossed zipper at the front that serves for opening, and many fashionable YKK zippers all over it. The jacket is popular in a shiny tanned orangy brown, but it can also be found in black, blue, and other colors. The jacket is coated in satin material, which gives it a glossy look that will drive many looks in the jacket’s bearer direction. The straps of this jacket are fully adjustable, and its handcuffs are zippered.

Among the famous superheroes, there are the X-men: the responsible mutants who want to save the world from evil forces. Among this group of heroes there is Wolverine, an audacious mutant who has become a role model among the newest generations. One of his many skills is driving a motorcycle, which has inspired the look of many motorcycle riders. This season, Wolverine’s motorcycle leather jackets are available in two different designs. The first design is the one he was seen wearing in the movie X3, The Last Stand. This jacket comes with three colored stripes along the elbows, which give it a unique touch, something that would make Wolverine of any of his followers stand out among the crowd. This jacket is popular in a faded brown tone and features a stand up collar, a front zipper for closure, two tilted pockets with zips, and other features that make it comfortable. The other jacket is the one Wolverine wears in X-Men: Origins. This one has a more aggressive look as the decorations in it are less and the details on the elbow are less.

This season will certainly not disappoint the fans of superhero comic books, as the fans will be able to wear an outfit like the one of their favorite character.