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Leather types and textures- what to choose this season

Leather is a very important fabric which is being used to create all sorts of fashionable apparel which we see every day around us. The toughness and quality of leather is essential to the production of great leather garments. Over time some excellent leather apparel have been developed like the vintage leather jacket, shirts, leather pants, vests and host of other products have surfaced as a result of this timeless material which dates back to BCs. However it is important that you select the best possible and the needed type of leather before you start buying or customizing a leather product for yourself.

People opt for leather products just because of the element of uniqueness and originality although this does pull off a good purchase but it is better that you do your little research before reaching out for a leather item. Whether they are leather jackets, leather pants, leather vests or any other product related to leather; they will not look or feel good unless made with the right kind of leather. This is what makes the right selection of leather an important thing to do before going for any buying decisions. Following are some the most common leather types such as the suede which is more well-known because of the ghost protocol jacket.

The first in the list is the most expensive and the best form of leather which has a long list of pros but just one con, which is the price. The full grain leather is an excellent if you have wallet to afford it. This leather is particularly used for clothing and a more popular choice for upholstery and home furnishing. It has distinctive leathery smell which makes it even more special. This is directly made from premium raw material. This is a hard wearing material and has the quality of becoming more appealing over time.

Another type is the split leather which is actually a piece of leather that has been separated from its skin. It is much more fragile than the full grain leather but can be treated to make it hard wearing. It is real leather but is much cheaper and in range of the common buyer. This is a popular choice among people who cannot afford to buy full grain leather.

Regenerated leather is considered as an artificial form of leather which has a smoother feel to it which is induced by treatment. It is smoothened, has a remarkable texture and is generally cheaper than any of its real leather options. It is hard wearing and strong is quality.

Suede leather has been used to make the ghost protocol jacket. This leather is even more fragile than split leather while maintaining a soft fuzzy surface. It is not a popular choice among people because of its weak nature and is used as temporary measure sometimes.

Faux leather is another fine addition to anyone's wardrobe; this leather is not real and is made synthetically by man. However, it carries the basic characteristics which are typically associated with leather.

Knowing the right kind of leather and its texture can really help you in making better choices while purchasing leather for apparel or for any other use. Understand the little differences between each kind of leather and make use of them appropriately.