Fight Club Jacket

The Flight club jacket - why its still so popular

Fight Club is a movie based on a book written by Chuck Palahniuk. The movie is about a man trying to escape the conformity of his life. Love, sex, drugs, alcohol and rock & roll are the name of the game in the movie. When you read the book you will realise that Pahalnuik actually makes fun on people like Edward Norton. People who are obsessed with gaining material things and forget to enjoy life. The book is written in a satirical that the movie tried to convey.

The lead role played by Edward Norton and features heart throb Brad Pitt, Jared Leto and actress Helena Bonham-Carter. The Fight Club was released almost a decade ago and the two red leather jackets that Brad Pitt wore throughout the movie are still making waves in the fashion industry. Its popularity could be due to the fact that Brad Pitt wore. Most men wish to look half as handsome as he does and women love because, well… He’s Brad Pitt!

The fight club jacket was designed by Los Angeles designer Jonathan A Logan. He designs custom sized clothing for movie stars as well as the general public. The biker jacket is red and white. The white patches are on the shoulders and the elbows. Just above the elbow the material is quilted and this gives the jacket a bit edge and style. It is a front closure zip with only two zips on the sides. A replica of the jacket is widely available on the internet. and have the jacket in stock.

The jacket has been replicated by many designers. Some have kept the design but have changed minor things on it. The zip in some designs has been made asymmetrical, as is common in leather jackets. The colours have also changed its available in a variety of colours online.

The red of the jacket isn’t popular. It reminds one of the Michael Jackson thriller jacket. The fight club jacket may not be as daring as Michael Jacksons’ but it was displayed at a time when black was the main colour leather jackets came in. For those who didn’t believe, Brad Pitt wearing it in a different cut approved that coloured leather is ok to wear.

One of the jackets he wore was a biker jacket and it is a lot more famous than the casual looking wide collar one. A leather jacket, especially a biker jacket is known to represent speed and fast-paced living. It has a bad boy image to it that releases sex appeal to most men wearing it. The fight club jacket does exactly that. It is masculine and exudes an elegance and style appeal for the man.

It is ironic that the fight club jacket is still so popular considering the whole point of Pahalnuik’s book. The movie might have not done any justice to the book or the public simply misunderstood the concept of the film. It isn’t necessarily a coveted piece but its prolonged production and stay in the fashion industry shows that it is a loved piece. It can’t all be owed to movie sensation Brad Pitt, the jacket design must have created a desire to own one because biker jackets that aren’t black weren’t the world’s favourite at the time.