Easy Rider Jacket

The biker jackets inspired from popular movies

For those, who are bored of subdued tones of leather garments, designers propose various fresh variants to look gorgeous and attractive. Lots of designers’ ideas are shown in leather jackets of olive, blue, sand, camel, cognac and other colours. Each thing has its own history with a plot, how to take leading positions and be the smartest person in fashion society.

There is a wide variety of leather jackets. Some are tailored with fur collars, which give an opportunity to enjoy biking during all the year, not losing a chance to get positive fluids within this cool occupation. Bikers especially think of their look, because it gives confidence and comfort and provides with stylish updates.

Among those, who like to enjoy riding, there are many fans of different movie jackets, which turned the fashion note and brought many iconic images. Such ideal sample is an easy rider jacket, worn by Peter Fonda in American road movie “Easy rider”.

Nowadays it becomes a practical thing in the wardrobe of any person, who values comfort and sustainability. Casual look of this attire may be freshened up by bright vertical and horizontal stripes and the back of a jacket pretends to attract liberty and democracy of American society, including some posh and sporty elements.

The easy rider jacket shows a personal style without any décor in sleeves, just multicoulored stripes, but it fulfills the desires of many fans of the aforementioned movie and wafts retro ideas to the wearers. Simple cut and colour saturation fit even those, whose figure is far from perfection.

There are a lot of different combinations, which may be proposed by trendsetters, how to wear this article of clothing. For instance, the bright elements of it attract the necessity to put on a plain thing without any flowery or animal prints. It may be worn in pair with either pants or a cool black pair of jeans. Cowboy like boots with zippers will add the look a trendy zest.

It is an ideal variant for the beginning of autumn. Easy rider jacket demands choosing a helmet of an appropriated print. Those, who like American style, can underline their look with the helmet, painted as an American flag.

Such easy elements of the easy rider jacket, as front zip closure, a snap tab collar and zip cuffs on the sleeves inspire the wearer never think about any interference or bans. Just love to freedom and sportswear tips gives the hope to be voguish.

So, if you want to look like a “Captain America”, it is high time to find this special leather jacket, tailored of genuine material, decorated with the USA flag patch at the back and bright stripes of red, white and blue shades. This stylish movie statement makes wide horizons for those who like to stand out the crowd in the world of gear, fashion and freedom spirit.

Today such jackets with a vintage touch are shown in modernized interpretation in many runways collections. The designers recommend plain patterns of this apparel, leaving and ability to create a special common look with the help of bright or subdued coloured clothing, leather or suede boots or casual trainers, harmoniously making a wonderful and bold look.

So, easy rider jackets are not just for bikers, but for everybody, who like to feel themselves comfortable and stylish, showing simplicity and practicality.