Dark Knight Jacket

The must have for fashion conscious ladies

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Women are not as hard to dress or think of new trends to introduce as men are. Ladies love to look good and looking good is synonymous to adapting the latest trends afforded the public by retailers, fashion houses and close knit family and friends.

Because women like to look their best at all times, they are seen as fashion conscious. Dressing up for work or a casual night out with friends can be difficult when you have no idea what’s I and what’s ‘soooo last season’. The trend that is driving people mad currently is leather! It is all the rage at fashion shows, red carpet functions, movie premieres, award shows, etc.

Artistic, innovative and captivatingly feminine female garments are easy to spot. Ladies clothes are place front and centre in every retail store because women just love to shop. When you do go shopping to liven up your summer/spring clothes, do check the following items off your list. These are the must have clothes for the fashion forward female:

Leather pants

Dark knight jacket is slowly creeping back into the fashion radar. The dark knight jacket comes as skinny pants, leggings and shorts. Kim Kardashian was rocking the leggings not so long ago. They had a glossy finish to them and the highlighted her thighs and curves beautifully.

The pants are a must have because they have been redesigned with comfort and style in mind. They hug the thigh and curve area to emphasise the essential female bosy parts. They almost celebrate the curves because there are few dark knight jacket that achieves this.

Leather skirt

Show off your legs with a leather skirt that is mini, midi or a flare. If you are tired of always wearing pants and jeans then the skirt is a great way to change you looks. The skirt sits firmly at the waist. It is suitable to be worn at a variety of occasions. Worn with a cropped shirt or hemp it is sure to exude elegance and class.

Leather dress

The dress isn’t as popular as expected. Most leather dresses are matched with cotton, lace and silk fibres. A dress made entirely of leather is available but few and far in between. The dress adds grace and appeal to any lady wearing it and that is why it is a must have.

Leather shirt

Casual or formal leather shirts are also slowly gaining popularity amongst the masses. Fashion designer Preonza Schouler displayed a leafy green leather shirt for their collection in Japan. The shirt took on a more formal charm. Coloured leather clothes are making the rounds and they are blowing the minds of those that own and strut them.

Shopping may not be every woman’s cup of tea, but looking and feeling great is what is loved and desired. As a woman you don’t have to shop in extravagance to look good. There are different kinds of leather that make different kinds of clothes. The most popular are patent and genuine leather. The former is a lot cheaper and easier to clean than the latter. Their lifespan however is similar. A leather garment can last you for good solid years when well taken care of.

Dressing up in the latest items and accessories boosts your confidence and gives off a shine and radiance that is coveted by onlookers.