Captain America Jacket

Popular Movie Icon jackets - the superhero trends

The superhero trends in fashion and style system are dominating in current world. People are following the superheroes for what they wear. Jacket is one of the common fashionable dresses used in movies. Recent jacket icon in Captain America Jacket illustrated in 'The Winter Soldier (2014).' If you want to be like a superhero, you must choose some jackets like the heroes. Now, you should have a look to some latest styles of jacket.

Navy blue stripped jacket

This one is to show you in manly manner which gives you the look like a Captain America. It has Long sleeves with leather cuffs, long stripes with different designs, such as long-straight, long-angled, chest-round etc.& Its shiny navy blue polish will make you look excellent. Its pure leather will comfort you in a great extent. This fashion gives you flavor of Captain America Jacket, so let yourself enjoy that.

Leather jacket with firry inside

When you are in out with bike, you feel for this one. This jacket of full front zipper with furry inner body, ribbed cuff and hem fastening tightly will help you excellently to drive bike. Furry collar must save you from heavy cold. Its various colors will fascinate you that you may choose any one of them.

Synthetic leather with stand-up collar

This jacket will bestow you superman-like style with stand-up collar in red color. It has long front zipper with zipped cuffs and inside pockets. Its synthetic leather in best quality will give you excellent comfort and modernized fashion.

Studded jacket without collar

This jacket is made up of pure leather. Its outstanding feature is its collarless neck, front zip closure, and broad sleeves. It has also hand pockets at waist with zipper. Studs are curved on sleeves following regular pattern.

Full sleeve with snap closure collar

This jacket will make you of shiny fashion comprised of authentic leather with left-sided long stripe. Its collar is of snap closure and full front-side is zipped with metal. Cuffs are free to move and a zipped pocket is on right chest.

Full frontal zip with stand-up collar

This jacket is made up of leather and faux fur with full of polyester body. It has collar with stand-up option and front is fully zipped. Inner lining is quilted and cuffs are also zipped. Three pockets are at exterior, left and right waist with left chest, along with two inner zipped pockets.

Full front zipper with belted neck

This jacket will make you of excellent fashion with its belted neck. It has full front zipper which will make you comfortable. Its broad waist band makes your jacket fitted and slit pockets at sides look you stylish. And obviously, pure leather satisfies you.

Jacket with shirt-style collar

This jacket offers you shirt style collar with red leather along with front zip closure. Sleeves have rounded white stripes and one zipped chest pockets. It also contains two flap waist pockets and two interior pockets. Cuffs are zipped and tightly fitted. Shoulder epaulettes are attached which makes you stylish.

If you want to be stylish and fashionable with jacket, you must select any of the above. These are oriented as the most latest fashion that efforts you to feel as superheroes. So, don’t miss the aforementioned fashions.