Brad Pitt Leather Jacket

The Leather Apparels of Celebrities This Season

Celebrities have lately turned into big enthusiasts of leather apparel. The leather apparel items that go on to trend in each season are usually leather apparel items that get celebrity endorsements. Such endorsements have not been hard to come, given the amazing enthusiasm with which celebs are zapping up leather apparel items. Those are leather apparel items which they then endorse by simply wearing them in public.  Adoptions of leather apparel items such as the Brad Pitt leather jacket have in large part been due to endorsements by celebrities. In the latest season, the leather apparels of celebrities have included:

The vintage lambskin asymmetrical fastening leather jacket

For some reason, this jacket seems to have become one of the most popular celebrity leather apparels this season. The jacket combines the texture suppleness that would be expected in any lambskin leather garment with a tough look, caused by it being an abrased, asymmetrical fastening jacket. The fact that celebrities are moving away from classic outfits such as the Brad Pitt leather jacket in favor of more individualized jackets like the one in question here shows one critical thing.

It shows that celebrity leather apparel fashion has come of age. This jacket is as comfortable to wear as it is nice looking. To make it comfortable to wear, the makers have used at least 3 lining materials: viscose, cotton and polyester. The first two are used for inner linings, whereas polyester is used for shoulder lining.

Smooth leather-based lightweight jackets with reworked hardware

These are other increasingly popular leather apparel pieces this season. Being lightweight leather jackets, they can be worn during the sunniest and warmest of days. The reworked hardware on these jackets adds elegance, and the full lining adds comfort. Wearable with jerseys and sneakers, these jackets have continued receiving high profile celebrity endorsements.

Skinny leather pants with ankle zips

These are statement pieces, increasingly popular with celebrities who want to don an absolutely genuine-looking biker look. It is the ankle zips on these skinny pants that give them that genuine biker look, besides their skinniness. Made out of stretch leather, the pants are backed (on the inside) by cotton and spandex. For ladies, these pants are arguably the best possible match for the Brad Pitt leather jacket which has lately become a standard part of the celebrity wardrobe.

Leather pants with decorative hip zips

The hip zips on these pants are of the wraparound variety, and they don’t just serve to fasten the pants, but they also decorate the pants substantially. The pants in question here, increasingly loved by lady celebs, have an edgy look – which largely rules them out from being good matches for, say, the Brad Pitt leather jacket. In terms of jackets, better matches for these leather pants with decorative hip zips would be the slim fit aviator leather jackets or the colorful small fit leather jackets for ladies.

Regular fit leather t-shirts with shoulder zips

The first thing that strikes you about these regular fit leather t-shirts with shoulder zips is stylishness. Being people who pay unbelievable levels of attention to their grooming, celebrities have come to love these utterly stylish, regular-fit leather t-shirts. Thus, the said regular fit leather t-shirts with shoulder zips are increasingly earning places in lists of celebrity leather apparel items. Typically black in color with shiny silver shoulder zips, these t-shirts are also designed to have tactile comfort.