Blade Jacket

High end leather pants: How practical are they

There’s a misconception among society that leather pants get hot and sticky when worn for too long. This is a false statement and actually women or blade jacket is layered with satin or cotton on the inside. Cotton as we know breathes. It keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This inner lining absorbs sweat and keeps you dry no matter what. Leather makes the outer layer of the pants.

As seasons have changed so has the make and wear of the leather pant. The outdated long leather pants are still found today. The pants have gone through a tough spring cleaning to make them current and applicable for the 21st century. Today there are different cuts of the leather pants. There’s the skinny pant, leggings, bootleg and the shorts for women and blade jacket comes in cuts like gypsy, bootleg, skinny, chino, baggy and shorts.

From old the leather pants where worn by bikers. It made up part of the gear of a motorcyclist. The pants were long and sometimes padded to protect the legs from being scratched whilst riding. And also protected the body from the waist down when the rider crashed. The leather pants can be worn all day everyday by bikers. However, for the few bikers that the leather pants aren’t for. They just go with a pair of denim jeans.

Dressing up for the outside world can get tedious at times. It doesn’t matter the cut or design of the leather pant, leather pants are not an everyday item to wear. They aren’t for special occasions either. This isn’t exactly bad news; leather pants are flexible and versatile. They fit into any occasion formal or casual. However some pants are fit for the playing courts (basketball, etc.) like the men’s leather shorts. Even though they are not fit for running around shooting hoops because they are a bit extravagant and showy. You can chill and chat in them. Blade jacket is incredibly stylish. An online store opts to custom design a pair for you. The design can be any kind of leather fit for you. The pants can even be accessorized with chains, studs and different colors/patterns.

For women showing some leg like Rosario Dawson and Kelly Brook did recently isn’t a bad thing. They wore leather shorts in one of the red carpet awards shows recently. They both looked good and their outfits were suitable for a formal red carpet function. The skinny leather pants have been quite popular in the women’s department too. Kim Kardashian-West has rocked ones with a glossy finish.

Different leather pants are suitable for different kinds of people, for men the skinny pant is for the man who takes care of himself, a metrosexual in other words. The men’s gypsy leather pants work for the man who likes to be in a jeans and shirt, but didn’t wants a different look to their outfit. Rick Ross has worn these pants and he looked good in them. Due to their baggy design they created a slimming effect on him. The leather shorts for men are worn by the hip hop ‘cats and dawgs’.

Because of the leather pants’ versatility, they can go in any outfit and in any place, the beach, mall or a fine dining restaurant.