Batman Jacket

The superheroes jacket trends - what's making news

Sometimes, movie characters connect at a deeper level with their audience, to the point that masses seek to imitate their favorite movie character by wearing the same clothes they wore in the scenes that made them famous. Such is the case of superhero jackets, a hot popular item among the leather jacket stores around the globe. From the batman jacket to x-men’s wolverine’s one, superheroes jackets are available in different sizes, and many times, even in different colors than the ones originally used in the movie.

After the success of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman during the late 2000s, and the early 2010s, the batman jacket has been a popular item among the young generation that enjoyed such movies. However, just like batman’s, the Tom Hardy Bane’s coat became widely popular as well after the latest movie of the saga came out. This is a long leather jacket worn by the villain in many scenes of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and promises to protect its bearers from wild storms and cold weather conditions. Any batman fan walking down the street will surely notice its sameness to the villain’s popular jacket.

Marvel Comics is also present in the leather jacket stores with the designs worn by the famous superhero stars of today. One example of this is the Captain America jacket, which became widely popular after two of the superhero movies came out, along with its emergence among The Avengers. This jacket is made out of rawhide leather and it sports the white star and the red and blue colors that made this American hero stand out among his peers. The Captain America jacket bears a full front metallic zipper opening with a button fastener at the top end. Besides the superhero’s popular red and blue jacket, there is also the brown motorcycle one that the hero wore in the movie before turning into a renowned superhero. This one is made from top grain leather, and it is a perfect vintage choice since it resembles the style of the World War II era, but it stays trendy and updated as the superhero movies made it famous in the early 2010s. The jacket features full sleeves and adjustable straps.

Besides Captain America, Marvel’s characters from X-men are also known for bearing good-looking jackets in their movies. While the first popular movie of the era came out in the early 2000s, the saga remained famous through the years thanks to the later installments of the franchise that kept and fed the notoriety of characters such as Wolverine, who is one of the characters who sports one of the most longed leather jackets among his colleagues. Wolverine’s leather jackets are dark brown and display three colored stripes on each elbow. Sometimes, these stripes are orange or light brown, and other times one of the stripes is blue. Whether people want to wear the three light brown stripes, or the one with the blue one in the center, they certainly have the privilege to choose since both versions of the jackets are available and trending. X-men fans are likely to quickly praise the bearer of the jacket as they recognize it is the same jacket that was worn by the popular Marvel superhero.

It is evident that leather jacket companies have not been blind to the effect that superhero movies has had on audiences, and they have been quick to replicate the leather jackets that became famous along with its superhero bearers.