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Movie Inspired Leather Coats – Whats the Latest Fav

Movies directly or indirectly inspire most of the fashion trends we see. Leather coat fashion trends are especially susceptible to being inspired by the movies. The latest favorites, in as far as leather coat fashion trends go, are no exception. Looking at most of the jackets that are viewed as the latest favorites in the leather coats ranks, it is actually easy to tell which specific movies inspired their adoption as fashion items. Take, for instance, the bane coats that are regarded as favorites in this season, and your mind instantly recalls the movie on which the star was in a bane coat, leading to the endorsement. Other latest favorites, as far as movie inspired leather coats go include:

Brown leather adventurer jackets

These are amongst the leather jacket varieties whose adoption by fashion-conscious people was directly attributable to the movies. There was a time (and not so long ago) when we saw several movies in which the stars were in these brown leather adventurer jackets. As those movies became popular, we saw the brown leather adventurer jackets also becoming popular, to a point where they are now amongst the favorites. Just as is the case with the bane coats we mentioned in the introduction, the adoption of the brown leather adventurer jackets has now been so widespread that most of the people buying them now don’t even know that they are movie-inspired fashion jackets.

Black aviator leather jackets

Also known as black bomber leather jackets, they had almost entirely fallen off leather jacket favorites lists, until the movies restored them. Those of us who keep tabs on movies know that aviator movies have been making a major comeback lately, and in quite a number of them, we see stars in the black aviator jackets. As a consequence, black aviator jackets are increasingly being mentioned among people’s latest favorite leather jacket designs.

Wild leather motorcycle jackets

The movies in which the stars were in wild leather motorcycle jackets are quite old, but the trendiness of the wild leather motorcycle jackets has remained. So many of the people who now mention wild leather motorcycle jackets would be surprised to learn that these jackets became fashionable due to the movies - but that is indeed the true position.

Red leather jackets with spider prints on the back

These got adopted at the time when Spiderman movies were trending, and they have stuck on as fashion season favorites, even as the Spiderman movies that inspired them start being seen as ‘classic’ movies due to the passage of time. Just like the bane coats whose adoption was directly attributable to the movies, red leather jackets in general (and not just those with spider prints on the back) were previously very rare in fashion circles. It is the spider movies that showed us that, as a matter of fact, red jackets could actually look good.

Long purple jackets with sharp upright collars

These are jackets whose fashion is greatly inspired by ‘mystery’ movies such as the ‘Dark Knight’ movie. They have become popular fashion jackets with, among other groups, those of serious rockers. They are truly long jackets, which under other circumstances would have been regarded as truly sinister-looking outfits.

Trench leather coats with no outer pockets

These jackets’ adoption in fashion circles was a consequence of their being worn (and implicitly endorsed) by the stars in various popular detective and spy movies. Typically worn with matching, modestly wide-brimmed hats, these trench coats are indeed among the latest favorites.