Alex Mercer Jacket

Celebrity Jackets Always in Mode

Certain celebrity jackets are always in mode, in as far as the ebbs and flows of fashion cycles go. We all know of the scenario where new celebrities are always entering the social sphere. What is remarkable is the fact that there are certain types of jackets that seem to impress each and every new generation of celebs. That leads to the celebrities who are hence impressed starting to don the said jackets. The jackets that the celebrities wear are important, because by virtue of them having been endorsed by the celebs, they start getting loved by members of the general public. A good example of a jacket with the cross-generational celebrity appeal we are making reference to is the Alex Mercer Jacket. This is a unique jacket, which combines sophistication with ruggedness, hence its appeal to high caliber rappers and other celebs. We have seen several generations of celebrities donning this jacket, and this has ensured that the said jacket has always been in mode.

Other celebrity jackets always in mode include:

Black bomber real leather jackets

For quite a good number of years, we have seen black bomber real leather jackets being worn by celebrities in various social spheres. This has contributed immensely to the said black bomber real leather jackets always being in mode, because whenever celebrities are seen wearing garments, they are assumed to be giving endorsements to those outfits. In terms of casualness, the black bomber real leather jackets we are talking about are comparable to the Alex Mercer Jacket designs we mentioned earlier. Therein lies their appeal to celebs (who pass on that appeal to the masses), as celebs are often in situations where they have to look casual, yet smart.

Dark green leather jackets for men

These first got endorsements as mass market fashion items from rappers, and they have since gone on to earn ratings as some of the trendiest men’s street fashion garments of all time. These are jackets with attitude, and they make for a sporty look. Celebs have been known to combine these dark green leather jackets with blue jeans, green sports t-shirts and lots of ‘bling bling’ jewelry -- and they certainly look good.

Black jackets with white arms

These are jackets whose trunks are black in color, but the arms are white in color. That white and black combination breaks the monotony and perceived unseemly ‘seriousness’ of black, giving the jackets just the right level of casualness for celebrities’ swag. Like the Alex Mercer Jacket we took note of earlier, the black jackets with white arms have now been endorsed by a wide cross-section of celebrities. Each new generation of celebs that adopts the black jackets with white arms ensures that they continue being in mode.

Simple brown leather jackets with flowing collars

Most of the other celebrity jackets that we see have short straight collars - or no collars at all. Still, there are some simple brown leather jackets with flowing collars that have overcome that fashion rule. Initially endorsed by movie stars (who are among the most influential celebs when it comes to the dictation of fashion trends), these jackets have become popular on city streets as well.

Black leather jackets with red sections for ladies

These are jackets in which you find most of the front and back sections being black, but with red patches. Originally very popular with celebs who act in TV series (and who are another highly influential fashion trend dictating group), these jackets have turned out to be extremely well-liked by the masses.