Womens Studded Leather Jacket

Extravagant jackets - whats ladies wearing what this fall

Wearing the current and latest trends is common because no one wants to be seen as someone who knows nothing about fashion and dressing up. Besides what you wear needs to be weather appropriate. Putting on shorts with a sleeveless top in the dead of winter would create onlookers. And they aren’t looking with good reasons in mind.

Shows like ‘How Do I Look’ and ‘What not to wear’ feature ladies that have gotten their style and dress sense all wrong. Season after season they feature women who dress up too much or dress down too much. Getting the balance just right is at times simple to do. Just observe what your peers and their peers are wearing.

Polishing your look a tad bit once in a while doesn’t hurt. Looking extravagant by trying on clothes that aren’t conventional but yet are stylish and fashionable is accepted in today’s world. Leather is an example of an extravagant garment. Extravagant leather jackets have been making the rounds; these are metallic, printed, furred and exquisitely designed. Simone Rocha, Mary Katrantzou and Preonza Schouller are a few designers that have added a bit of extravagance to the garment. These jackets commonly come as a womens studded leather jacket.

An extravagant leather jacket isn’t exactly an item that can be dressed down. The colours and prints on their own shout ‘dress me up, dress me up’. There are a few items that it can be paired with. Ordinarily, it can be worn with a plain top and jeans. Boots can be added to the mix considering the seasonal change we’re going into to.

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen draped in a fur coat. She wore it elegantly with high heels and skinny jeans. Lady Gaga is an artist both in song and dressing. When she’s out in public she makes it a habit to wear big and oversized clothes. At times her look can be seen as elegant and lady like. A womens studded leather jacket exudes a certain sense of posh. This gives girl’s a touch of a lady like persona and adds tons of confidence despite only having wearing it with a plain item.

Majority of extravagant jackets are made as womens studded leather jackets because women are prone to experimenting more than men are. Besides, most men like to wear clothes that exude masculinity and an extravagant jacket doesn’t scream masculinity. The jackets are on the market but they aren’t loud and bright like the ladies jackets are. Men’s extravagant leather jackets are slim fitting and have a toned-down look. Colours are richer and darker.

An extravagant jacket stands out in any setting you’ll find yourself in. This is why confidence forms part of the package of owning such a leather jacket. Studs and fringes can come off as extravagant but they are more common that the bright printed and metallic recent jackets. It is fairly easy to dress an extravagant jacket. Avoid matching it with any other bright colours or printed t-shirts and pants. Going with a plain pair of jeans and a neutral shirt like, black, navy or white is the best way to dress up your jacket and get yourself noticed for being bold and classically styled wherever you go this fall.