Womens leather Jacket With Hood

Ladies leather garment - The new fashion world's style tips

The world is always in motion and as fast as it is moving is as fast as the fashion world and its trends are moving. Getting the latest clothing that everyone is wearing doesn’t stop there. In order to be noticeably fashionable your dress sense and the way you mix and match garments together speaks volume of your fashion sense.

Looking good takes effort and isn’t the easiest thing to come by. Taking care of your clothes through mending and altering when they don’t fit or need an upgrade, this also forms part of being fashionable. Every year the fashion wardrobe is revisited and new items are showcased on the catwalk, movies, red carpets, and series and in fashion catalogues.

What we wear ultimately says a lot about us. People’s first impressions about us are determined through our clothes. This season the fashion world has revealed that leather is still the item to not seen without. Big, bold, daring, adventurous and bright prints have remained. Colour blocking is still trending. It has moved on to being an accessory. Colour blocking is now seen in lipsticks, earrings, necklaces and nail polish.

Leather has followed suit and has added colour to some of its garments. The womens leather jacket with hood comes in various prints and colours. Men’s jackets have also done the same. The new style and dress of the leather jacket has been established and it is embraced by men and women alike.

Stylecaster.com, a fashion blog, has picked 100 fashion tips and tricks from top designers and lifestyle experts about what to do and what not to do in order to be fashion forward. Leather is a vintage piece, especially the authentic kind; StyleCaster suggests that you mix one part vodka and two parts water. Use the mixture to spray it on your womens leather jacket with hood this is a sure way of removing odours from the jacket.

A handbag is an accessory that no lady goes without. Because it is worn almost all the time, it can get stained and removing it can be a mind-numbing process. If the stain is oil based, coat it with some baby powder and let it rest overnight. Come morning sunrise it will be gone!

Those yellow and white deodorant stains that mark our favourite t-shirts and tops can be so annoying. Designer, Johnathan Simkhai suggests rubbing the top or shirt with the Styrofoam that comes with hangers.

When attending a formal function run away from trying a new trend. Sticking to and knowing your silhouette is always best because this will put your best foot forward. When your hem decides to make a run for it when you’re just about to leave for work, use double-stick tape until you are able to take it to a tailor. Double-stick tape can also be used to shorten the hem. Never, I repeat, never rub or wipe a stain off. This only causes the stain to be further fixed into the weave of the garment.

Lastly, never store your womens leather jacket with hood in a plastic sleeve. This can cause moulds and mildew to develop on the garment. Rather let it sit in the back of your wardrobe until you will need it again.StyleCaster has useful and valuable tips that will keep you in tip top shape for all fashion seasons.