White Leather Jacket

White Leather Jacket – The Latest Trend Among Celebrities

The white leather jacket is the latest trend among celebrities. From movie stars to musicians and onto TV series actors, we are seeing more and more celebrities doing white leather-based jackets. This has, in turn, lead to great demand for such white leather-based jackets in the general population: as the celebrities tend to be extremely influential fashion and style trendsetters. We will now be looking at some of the combinations within which the celebrities are wearing white leather-based jackets. Those include:

Where the white leather-based jacket is worn with matching white shoes

We have seen many celebs, both male and female, opting to match the white leather-based jackets with white shoes. In the case of female celebs, this has often been a case of matching the white leather jacket with white heels.

In the case of male celebs, we have seen the white leather-based jackets being worn with white moccasin shoes or with other simple but elegant white leather shoes. What happens when a white leather-based jacket is worn with a pair of white shoes is that the elegance of the white leather-based jacket is accentuated. The result is a highly polished and a rather highly sophisticated look: the sort of image a typical celeb would want.

Where the white leather-based jacket is worn with a blue polka dot top

This is something we are seeing with female celebs: where they wear tiny white leather-based jackets with tops whose basic color is white but with blue polka dots. The result is a suave (if somewhat fragile) look. This particular combination looks even better when paired up with a somewhat short blue skirt or the classic denims.

Where the white leather-based jacket is worn with blue jeans

Some female celebs are taking this to its ultimate level: where they combine the white leather-based jackets with blue jeans shorts. That is a rather eye-catching (some would even say ‘loudly screaming’) clothing combination, but then again, the reason why celebs are celebs is because they don’t mind attention. A quieter version is where, for female celebs, we are seeing the white leather-based jacket being worn with jeans pants. For male celebs, the combination can be that of white leather-based jackets with denim blue jeans, perhaps completed by the white moccasin shoes we looked at earlier.

Where the white leather-based jacket is worn with black motorbike pants

The idea in wearing white leather-based jackets with black motorbike pants is to benefit from the resultant (and inevitably noticeable) white-black color contrast. Shiny black motorbike pants match particularly well with white leather-based jackets, and we have been spotting quite a healthy number of celebs using this combination. The white leather-based jackets combined with black motorbike pants can be good fall-winter outfits. In that case, the white jacket (especially if shiny) serves to liven up the otherwise dark fall-winter mood. Celebs, and by extension ordinary folks, also seem to love these outfits for their efficacy at keeping the cold out. The leather jacket and the motorbike pants have undoubted cold protection efficacy.

Where the white leather-based jacket is worn on top of a black leather dress

We have seen many female celebs opting to put white leather-based jackets on top of black leather dresses, and they look great. Some of the black leather dresses in question are those that are somewhat on the shorter side. The classic good match for a white leather jacket has, however, always been in a long, black leather dress – and we also have many celebs who are sticking with that convention.