Mens Designer Leather Jackets

Designer Jackets for Leather Enthusiast In This Fall-Winter Collection

This fall winter collection has rich pickings for leather enthusiasts: especially those who love designer leather jackets. That is because the standard fall-winter collection available in every decent leather outfits store has plenty of designer leather jackets. We will be unpacking the current fall-winter collection in question, to see the specific types of women’s and mens designer leather jackets available in it. We will shine some spotlight on the fascinating features in the designer leather jackets available in this fall-winter collection. The spotlight will also be shone on some good matches for some of the designer jackets for leather enthusiasts in the contemporary fall-winter collection. The designer jackets available for leather enthusiast in this fall-winter collection include:

Designer leather jackets with supersized flap pockets

The supersized flap pockets in these designer jackets cover the entire breast areas. The supersized pockets obviously necessitate supersized flaps to cover them, those being flaps whose conspicuousness is undeniable. Now it used to be quietly but firmly held that flap leather jackets couldn’t join the ranks of designer jackets: that only jackets covered with zips would be in the ranks of ‘designer’ jackets. The extremely elegant designer jackets with supersized flap pockets and no zips prove the fallacy of that view. Notably, the designer leather jackets with supersized flap pockets are actually mens designer leather jackets. Supersized pockets and supersized buttons were previously the preserve of women’s designer leather jackets, but once again, these new designer jackets for men with supersized flap pockets prove that notion to be wrong.

Designer leather jackets with button closures

Some of these are designer leather jackets with 4 buttons, whereas others come with only 2 buttons (like the classic blazers), and with no zips. Designer leather jacket collections have previously been almost fully and some would say unreasonably dominated by zipped jackets. So much was the domination of designer leather jacket collections by zipped jackets that we had come to subconsciously accept as a ‘fact’ that jackets with button closures could never be ‘designer jackets’. The new designer jackets created for both men and women with button instead of zipper closures set the record straight: in that button-closure jackets can also be designer jackets. 

Faded designer leather jackets

Full color leather jackets used to be the most dominant items in designer leather jacket collections: so much so that we eventually gave up on the possibility of finding faded leather jackets in those collections. This fall-winter collection of women’s and mens designer leather jackets does, however, set the record straight: in that faded color leather jackets can also be designer jackets. Most of the faded designer jackets are in variants of brown, with rougher ridged or quilted exteriors, which make them alluringly rugged.

Designer leather jackets with fur-based fold-over collars

In previous collections of designer jackets, especially fall-winter collections of designer jackets, we have of course seen countless jackets with fur-based collars. What the contemporary fall-winter collection offers, as a fresh addition, is the designer jacket in which the fur-based collars are of the fold-over style. Relatively few mens designer leather jackets are rendered to have these fur-based fold-over collars. More commonly, the fur-based fold-over collars are on women’s designer jackets. The furs in these designer jackets may be of different colors: a common scheme being where black leather jackets have navy blue fur-based fold-over collars. The designer jackets with fur-based fold-over collars are warm – which is an attribute of the most primary importance in fall-winter collection jackets. The fur-based fold-over collars also give the ultimate appearance of classiness.