Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Leather jacket trends in Europe

Europe may be popular for being prim and proper but the continent is popular for other reasons too, reasons like, fashion supermodel Naomi Campbell was born there, Shakespeare and his descriptive playwrights, as well as giving birth to quite a few international fashion houses (Chanel, Georgio Armani, Versace). Although Europeans aren’t considered the most stylish or fashionable people in the world, they have brought us fashion pieces that changed the fashion industry and the way people dress.

The phrase as ‘As America goes, so goes the world’ doesn’t hold true as much as it used to. Some clothes start out in Europe and the rest of us only catch up to them months after. The Irvin flight leather jacket is produced exclusively in Europe. Latest design modifications are released that side first before the world can get their hands on it. The Ducati airbag jacket was also first released for public sale in Europe. This is all owed to both Irvin and Ducati’s home countries located in the continent.

The leather jacket is trending globally. Some areas wearing it similar to others, in Europe the same is happening. The leather jacket is the hottest item to have in your closet this season.

Europe sets the trends and America takes them to the world! Here is a list of things leather trending in Europe:

The quilted leather jacket

Finding an impeccable leather fit can be a hard task to do. This is what fashion blogger Lucy de Beorrealised. She is from Netherlands; she searched in many stores before she gave up and thought her jacket would ‘come to her’. She ended up finding her perfect fit on holiday in Copenhagen. “I had given up my quest until I saw it. It was love at first sight,” she says.

The quilted jacket is a classic and elegant piece. The quilt is different for every designer and jacket. Some quilts are small and intimate, only seen on the sleeves, pockets or shoulders. It’s a bold piece and it is flattering to the eye.

Men’s leather jackets

The men’s jacket has been seen on display at Europe Fashion week. Its rise in popularity is because of the masculinity it portrays and gives off. European men are falling in love with dark layers. A men’s brown leather jacket fits perfectly into this category. Designs of the leather jacket are simplistic and don’t leave much to the imagination. The Dolce and Gabanna lambskin leather jacket is pretty basic and mimics the varsity jacket. Leather is pricey and the price isn’t different to a women’s jacket. The Dolce and Gabanna male jacket goes for over $1000.

The leather jacket’s initial design was for men, some producers of the garment still stick to the male design. These are mainly jackets for safety. Most of the jackets come in brown but you can find them in a different color if the supplier has it in stock.


A colored leather jacket

Generation X is all about big bright colors! Neons, pastels, metallic are a few of the bold colors we’ve grown to love and wear. A colored leather jacket is rare to find. It is not easily available like the black jacket.

For men the most popular colored jacket is a men’s brown leather jacket. Celebrities Tyrese Gibson and Usher Raymond have been seen wearing the rugged jacket. In his music videos, Michael Jackson used a wear a red biker leather jacket. So men don’t have to shy away from the dark colors like, maroon or plum.

Most trends that Europe has brought our way we have loved and embraced. More are bound to come but for now, the world is enjoying dressing up in leather.