Leather Jackets For Women On Sale

How to buy leather jacket and check its authenticity

Items that go on sale are considered to be a bargain. They are usually marked down from the original retail price by 50 or more percent. Women are regularly the first to flock to the shops to empty out the shelves. Phrases like ‘half-priced clothing’ and ‘buy one get one free’ are words that attract anyone who is penny pinching. Leather jackets for women on sale are few and far in between. Such a sale doesn’t come by often.

Unless you shop online, where discounts are in their multitudes, retail stores don’t often mark down leather jacket prices. You should be weary of a genuine jacket that is on sale because it could be a fake. Getting snubbed by a store that sells genuine leather jackets is common. TshegoDipodi thought she was buying a genuine ladies jacket at a retail store. “I realised after it gradually disintegrated in front of my eyes that is was fake,” she says. When she bought it she thought it was the real thing. “It had a matte finish and wasn’t shiny. The material felt like real leather,” she says. The experience has left a bad taste in her mouth and she says that she won’t be buying a leather jacket again.

Disheartening as getting snubbed is, it is not only leather jackets for women on sale that are knock offs. It is likely that a store can say their items are authentic and only to find out after you’ve bought it that it’s a knock off. Dipodi’s jacket wasn’t on sale when she bought it. There are people out there who go out seeking a faux leather jacket because it is cheaper, Olivia Phaleatsile is one of them, “I’d get a leather jacket that isn’t real because I know that the fake ones are cheap,” she says.

You may be fashion conscious, know where to get the best clothes for a reasonable price and at other times you may be completely clueless to identifying a genuine from a fake. Discerning between a fake and an original is fairly easy to do and it doesn’t take much time to inspect the garment before you buy it.

In order to check authenticity of a women’s leather jacket on sale looking at the label is a good place to start. Most jackets are labelled ‘genuine’ or ‘man-made’. You can be sure of the labelling because every garment specifies the make and materials used to make it.

A huge difference between a fake and real jacket is the colour. If the jacket that is on the shelf is green, blue, red, etc. It is certainly faux leather. Synthetic leather is easier to dye than the real thing. The dye is added during the stretching and weaving process.

The smell of synthetic versus genuine is different. Accustom yourself to the different smells by smelling the garment a few times. A real leather jacket has a slight animal smell. It is not overpowering or easy to notice so you’d have to really bury yourself in the garment to reveal its authenticity through smell.

In order to spot a real jacket, you must check the pores and see the kinds of patterns they have. Consistent patterns tell of a genuine jacket and inconsistent one tell of a synthetic one.