Hooded Leather Jacket

Practicality of a hooded leather jacket

The hooded leather jacket mainly for men isn’t the hottest item to get at the moment. It isn’t even frequenting the catwalk or the streets very much. The only way a hooded leather jacket can be spotted is if someone wears a hooded jacket underneath their leather jacket. Some hooded jackets come with overlapping sleeves and an overlapping hood. And others don’t. Actor Paul Wesley, from Vampire Dairies was notorious for wearing a hooded leather jacket.

The leather jacket is a garment for all seasons. Summer, winter, autumn or spring, it is appropriate for the hottest day and the coldest snow storm in history. Any garment that comes with a hood is assumed to be winter. Because it will keep your head and ears warm so buying a hooded leather jacket takes away the hassle of buying a cap or beanie when the chill starts to hit. Yes, a hood should only be worn to keep you warm. In today’s society this has changed. A hood is way of dressing up in your own style, creating a camouflage or if you’re a celebrity to hide from the paparazzi when the need arises.

Normally a hooded leather jacket is worn by punk rockers and hardcore die hard rockers. The jacket does rub off an unsafe and fast paced attitude to the wearer.

Fashion designers have tried to move away from the stereotype and they have succeeded. Most hooded jackets are made for men and they exude elegant, masculine and sexy look. The hood can be made with leather and lined with fur or shearling. There are some jackets that come with detachable hoods. These are attached with a zip for easy functionality.  Some hooded jackets has have a wool elastic neck line and wrist line to provide warmth.

The leather hooded jacket comes in 100% genuine leather as well as faux leather. It is common knowledge that faux leather is inexpensive and the price between genuine and faux is dramatically different. The faux leather can be 5 or 8 times cheaper than the original. Going for a $380 dollars online. Faux leather isn’t fake leather. The material can be patent leather or PU leather. This material is mostly man-made and gives the owner a lot more leeway in maintaining the jacket.

Patent leather is easier to clean. It needs only a wipe with a sponge to restore it to its former glory. The leather is lined with plastic to give it the glossy finish that it comes with. The finish makes sure that the garment doesn’t need dry-cleaning.

Genuine leather on the other hand requires frequent dry cleaning in order to remove excess oil and dirt from the garment. Even though genuine leather looks good, and is pricy, it is a high maintenance garment that is worth all the trouble.

A hooded faux leather jacket can be worn often as opposed to a genuine leather jacket. It is definitely for dressing down and not up. It forms part of casual and informal wear. It also doesn’t require much effort to make it stand out. Jeans and sneakers go well with a hooded jacket. This is the perfect jacket for men who don’t really think too much about what to wear. Women who have a tomboy persona will enjoy the comfort and style the jacket will give them.