Cropped Leather Jacket

The new styles in leather jackets

Fashion is always redefining itself and finding new ways to stay relevant to pop culture. Currently leather is all the rage on the streets and the catwalk. Men, women and even children are heading to the mall to get their hands on this garment. The industry is slowly moving away from the basic and classic leather jacket. News styles have popped up. These styles have given the jacket a flattering look like never before. The cropped leather jacket is one of the styles that the fashion industry has introduced to the market. Below I look at news styles in leather jackets for the modern world:

Snap neck collar

The snap leather collar has been around for quite since. It is as old as the leather jacket itself. During WWI the collar helped to keep the cold away and to protect aviators from injuring their necks during accidents or crashes. Even though aircrew still has a use for it today, the fashion industry took it in their stride to include it in their renovation of the leather jacket.

It is mostly common in male leather jackets. It adds distinctiveness and portrays the man as sophisticated and elegant. A leather jacket has a way of elevating the wearer’s profile. With men it heightens the upper body, hugging biceps, the shoulder and abdomen. It defines the male body just as much as it highlights women’s features. A leather jacket with the snap collar has the potential of rendering a man as stylish and contemporary.

The snap collar is also seen in a few female designs. The best way to dress the neck collar is to leave it loose, so it hangs and looks more like an accessory than a functional attachment.

Quilted leather jacket

The quilted leather jacket comes in various leather jacket designs. It can be a bomber quilted jacket, a coloured leather jacket, a cropped leather jacket or a recent biker leather jacket.

The quilt is a new style and trend that hasn’t caught on as yet. Despite the jackets modern look and design, the masses haven’t been accustomed to it as much as they have been with the standard leather jacket. Quilts come inn different shapes and sizes. A jacket can have just a small patch of it or it can be entirely designed of the quilt. Quilts are ordinarily diamond shaped. The shapes take on different sizes. Cheryl Coles bomber quilted jacket took on a big sized quilt design.

What is so unique about this jacket is that it is pleasing to the eye and it fits the waist perfectly. Men’s quilted jackets are more popular in a bomber jacket design. The latest male bomber jacket design is less puffy than the old bomber jacket. Today’s design is classic and neat.

Cropped leather jacket

The cropped leather jacket sits right above the waist. It shows off the stomach in a sexy and subtle way. It is the women’s jacket that is designed a little higher. A men’s cropped leather jacket fits just below the abdomen, on the belt line. Like the snap collar and quilted leather jackets, the cropped jacket isn’t popular as yet.

This jacket is purely fashionable and gives a petite fit to the wearer. A man or woman wearing it would be seen as fashion forward and gunning for the latest trends. Someone who gets their hands on this jacket would be expressing their individuality without going to extremes.

New styles are always popping up every now and then. As soon as these ones catch on, there’ll be others to rave about.