Blue Leather Jacket

Colored leather Jacket: The new trend youth look

A new collection has been added to the classic leather jacket, which is the coloured leather jacket. Soft pastel colours or bright metallic greens and silvers have arrived. The fashion has embraced and remodeled the leather jacket to suit or matches the colour blocking craze that has hit the world by storm. Overdone or underplayed bright and sassy colours have been added to exemplify the wearer’s style and taste.

Since women are more prone to adjusting their clothes, make up and accessories to the latest trends, they are easier to dress and to create styles that are feminine and elegant. A coloured leather jacket is still on the down low. Makhensa Khosa owns a white leather jacket. “I bought it because I wanted to be different. Everyone was rocking a black or red one,” she says.

People still love the black sleek leather jacket. When you are seen wearing a blue leather jacket you are bound to turn heads once or twice consecutively. A female shopper from a retail store who owns a blue leather jacket says that she got it as a gift. “They bought it for me. I love leather, it’s the in thing. The jacket is very comfortable,” she says.

A colored leather jacket is more for the young people. Most colored jackets come in a petite fit mostly in a design of the biker jacket. The blue leather jacket hasn’t gained popularity as yet. It comes in different shades of blue, navy, dark, light, sky, etc. The female blue leather jacket is designed to emphasize the breast and waist area. They come with a sided zip that flips into an oversized collar.

A touch of color to an outfit can make it stand out or give it a certain ‘pop’. The colored leather jacket can be worn with a denim skirt, shorts or jeans. It doesn’t need many accessories when worn because it doubles as an accessory due to its colour. The zip also works as an accessory because some of them are silver and have a shiny look.

Men are the people that are a challenge to dress up. Most men prefer the simplistic look that doesn’t need much effort. The brown men’s leather jacket is a favorite for many. Rhulani Malungane owns one. “I don’t like the black jacket, it makes me look like a hit man,” he says. Musician and model, Tyrese Gibson, is another man who’s reared more to the brown jacket. He was seen wearing it at this year’s VMAs.

A men’s blue leather jacket has a sexy and masculine look to it. It is for the men who wear chinos and golf shirts. Men who resemble the male model look. A colored jacket works for anyone wearing it. It is a trendy look that adds masculinity and femininity to the wearer. The jacket is more suitable for young people who love trying new things and exploring with different styles shown on the runway.

What makes the jacket a must-have item is the fact that a lot of people haven’t taken notice of it. Not everyone is familiar with fashion on the runway. Most trends happen because someone else saw a friend of a friend wearing it. Be a trend setter by default by wearing one at home, the office and even the mall.