Leather Hats

Leather hat to set you apart from the crowd - The new trends

Whilst everyone is running to get the classic leather jacket set yourself apart by reaching for a less likely yet elegant, stylish and classic piece, the leather hat. Leather hats are not frequenting the malls, streets or runways in anyway shape or form.

This is an odd occurrence because leather is an all-rounder. It can be worn throughout the entire year. Because it is a scarce item stocked by retailers, finding a hat that fits perfectly and matches your outfit is a bit of a tricky task. Even shopping online can be unreliable at times, as most stores aren’t reputable and don’t sell authentic pieces that are advertised. Searching online for a leather hat is an easier option to locate this infrequent accessory.

The leather hat comes in different styles and shapes. There’s the cowboy hat, the biker hat, baseball, fitted, top hat, and the women’s hat. The cowboy hat is a dated hat. Whether cowboys still wear them is still a mystery. Their hat is made to defend them from harsh weather conditions on the field. It is not really a fashionable piece to own. Then cowboy hat is also worn by people who attend theme parties or celebrate Halloween. The hat has become a symbol of imitating cowboys and not necessarily an item that can be worn every other day.

The biker, baseball, top, and women’s leather hats have a more stylish feel and look to them. The biker hat almost resembles a police hat. The only difference is it is shorter and more flexible. Leather hats are inexpensive. They cost around $5.5 - $15.

Out of all the hatsavailable on the market the top hat is the most fashion appropriate. It comes in different designs and it sits differently on any head. The top hat can also be folded to suit the wearer’s style and fitting. There is also the driving cap, used by pilots. It covers most of the head including the ears and the neck. Some hats are made with shearling lining or satin lining. These hats are sold, obviously, to pilots. They aren’t exactly exclusive to pilots as they are easily available online. The hat isn’t exactly a trend setter. From looking at the design it is clear that it is made specifically for protective reasons for anyone flying a plane or helicopter. The pilot hat is a lot more pricy than the conventional leather hat. Rmr-hats.com sells the cap for about $89 dollars.

A hat is worn for three reasons; to protect your head and face from the sun and to finish off a look. It works as a final touch. Thirdly a hat is worn to mask an embarrassing bad hair day that you haven’t gotten around to fix as yet. Although rare to find, leather hats are a good buy. Most hats can be worn with anything and they sometimes go with everything.

There are cuts and sizes to suit any facial structure, round, oval, square, long, wide, small, etc. The trick is to find a hat that suits your face and bone structure. This, lie shopping for a perfect fit of the leather jacket, is no easy task. But it is worthwhile once you find a leather hat that complements your face and most of your wardrobe. Bonus!