Leather Dress

Leather Dress – an Elegant Style Statement This Season

The leather dress is officially back in vogue: mostly as an elegant style statement. We are seeing more and more ladies, ranging from celebrities to ordinary Janes donning the dresses made out of leather. With almost no exception, the ladies in question don the dresses made out of leather in situations where they want to ooze elegance. The strategy seems to work: for when you come across a lady in an appropriately worn dress that is made out of leather, the first thing that strikes you about her is sophistication and elegance.

To make an elegant style statement using dresses which are made out of leather, ladies are using several combinations including:

Where the dresses made out of leather are worn with leather jackets

This is arguably the most straightforward shortcut to elegance. It works well when the leather jackets and the dresses made out of leather match. To portray elegance, the leather jackets and dresses used need to be those of the ‘quieter’ variety, not the shiny ones. To complete the elegant look, the leather jackets and dresses are topped with nearly matching blouses. This is because the blouse-less look is often perceived as lacking in elegance. We are not saying that the blouse-less look (where you just wear the leather jacket and dress) is a bad look – actually, it is a good look when, for instance, you want to portray a somewhat wild look. When looking for elegance however, a leather jacket and dress, matched by a classy looking blouse can go a long way.

Where the leather-based dresses are elongated to ankle-length level

Here, the idea is to have leather-based dresses that, more or less, look like maxis. Worn with no slits, these dresses make for a very elegant (if eye-catching) look. This particular look is popular with older women who want to find appropriate ways of leveraging on the power of leather to ooze of elegance, and it works like a charm. To give a fine finish to the look, we are seeing ladies opting to have the long leather dress outfits worn with contrasting jackets.

Where the dresses made out of leather are in understated colors

The loud colors are good, but they don’t make for an elegant look. Given that elegance is mainly a function of simplicity, there is agreement that it is the understated ‘quieter’ colors that would give rise to elegance. This is why ladies wanting to make elegant style statements using the dresses made out of leather are opting for those in colors such as brown, black and grey; as opposed to ‘see me’ colors like yellow, pink and red.

Where the leather-based dresses are worn with heels

The heels in question here are turning out to be mostly those that are not very tall: because very tall heels can bring about conspicuousness, and elegance doesn’t quite go together with conspicuousness. The heels we are referring to are mainly those of colors that match (or otherwise coordinate nicely) with the leather-based dresses.

Where the leather-based dresses are worn with matching leather handbags

It has for long been known that handbags can affect dressing perceptions in profound ways. This fact is self-evident when it comes to giving a touch of elegance to dresses made out of leather. Thus, for instance, we are seeing ladies who want to make elegant style statements opting to wear black leather dresses with matching black handbags and perhaps matching heels as well.