Womens Leather Trench Coat

Limited edition of women’s leather trench coat - trends and style

The leather jacket comes in various shapes and forms. It can be a vintage, elegant, extravagant or superb coat. Whichever way it comes in, the leather jacket or coat is a classic trend that can be owned by anyone from preppy housewives to wanna be supermodels. The great thing about the leather coat is that is can be worn to your own desire. Since it matches with a lot of garments and other accessories designers have gone and created limited edition women’s leather trench coat that blend into the trend.

The men’s or women’s leather trench coat don’t come as a trench or those long ones that go all the way down to the knees. A coat this season is a jacket that creates a silhouette and rests neatly on the body. The coat creates a sharp and smart look that is edgy and comfortable. Different designers make limited edition of clothing for different reasons. Some could be celebrating their anniversary; others could be commemorating a holiday or promoting a campaign by donating a percentage of the profits to an outreach program or charity organization.

Limited edition coats that have been released for various reasons by designers are:

The Harley-Davidson 110 anniversary coat

Made with jackets from 1903 the jacket is limited because it has a few features that don’t come in a standard Harley-Davidson jacket. The jacket has Swarovski crystals on the back, signature Harley-Davidson embroidery on the inside and outside of the jacket. It has white/grey lining that goes from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. The sleeves have a slight slant to them. Wind flaps that are custom hardware and tape. It comes

The Mark and Spencer Front Zip Biker Jacket with Wool

This powder blue coat is the perfect style piece. It is elegant and feminine. The design is a classic simple that doesn’t have all the clutter of the latest jackets. It has two side zippers and an asymmetrical zip to cover the chest.

The ASOS Gold Studded Biker Jacket

The gold studs are what made the jacket a limited edition piece. The zips of the jacket have gold trimming. The black and gold pair well together. They give off a biker attitude to those who wear it but don’t even own a bike. The item is currently out of stock!

The Karen Miller branded metal work jacket

This dark blue quilted jacket has ¾ sleeves that are removable. The removable sleeves give it some versatility. It can be worn as a gilet or a jacket. The colour is what owes it its limited title.

This year designers have released a few limited edition women’s leather trench coat that are bold and fierce. The coats shape the female body in a sexy, sensual and comfortable way. The great thing about owning a limited edition jacket is that not many of them have been sold to the public. So after a certain batch finishes getting hold of the jacket after will be close to impossible. Due to the fact that the coat is a limited edition, the respective designer usually makes it a point to design a coat that is extraordinary. A coat that is a cut above the rest, even from the designer’s previous range.