Mens Leather Blazer

How to Look Smart and Chic in Leather Blazer This Season

There are many ways to look outstandingly smart and chic in leather blazer this season. The leather blazer, in and of itself, has a hard to ignore smart and chic look. That can, however, be shattered by combining the women’s or mens leather blazer with the wrong pieces. Therefore, to look smart and chic in the leather blazer this season, you need to match it with the proper shirt, t-shirt, polo-shirt or top. To look smart and chic in the leather blazer this season, you also need to match it with the proper pair of pants, skirt or dress. This may entail where you wear:

The leather blazer with understated denim jeans and a t-shirt

This is a smart-casual combination, which results in you looking rugged, and perhaps also streetwise – but still smart and chic. The leather blazer, and more specifically the mens leather blazer, as many of us have come to learn, is a perfect piece for accomplishing the smart casual dress code. The leather blazer here can be black and the t-shirt that lies beneath it may be white with the denim jeans being in the denim jean’s traditional, normal bluish color. The result is a smart and chic look which is, however, not serious (but rather open and relaxed).

The leather blazer with a polo shirt and jeans

This is another case of the ever versatile leather blazer being used to finish the casual smart dress code. In this particular case, you could deploy a polo shirt that matches with the jeans, so that it is leather blazer that is of a different - but not totally mismatching - color.

The leather blazer with a leather pair of pants and a formal shirt

Here, a leather blazer of a toned down color (for instance, a grey mens leather blazer) is used with leather pants of a similarly toned down color and style and a formal office-wear shirt. The result is a business-like look, but one that is still obviously smart and chic. In this case, the versatility of the leather blazer is clearly seen: in that it can switch flawlessly from being a rugged informal blazer to being a legitimately formal blazer.

The leather blazer with a pair of matching linen pants and a formal shirt

Again, the leather blazer to be used here normally has to be of a toned down style and color. The linen pants here are of a sharp, classy nature and so is the formal shirt. The result is a serious business-like look: made possible by the versatile nature of the leather blazer. This, again, goes further to prove that the leather blazer is not just a fancy coat to be worn for weekend beer swigging parties: it can be used to construct a serious business-like look for the office.

The leather blazer with a color and style matching leather handbag

Here, it doesn’t actually matter much what dress, skirt or pair of pants the leather blazer is put together with. That is because a good quality leather blazer matching in style and color with a good quality leather handbag instantly creates a smart and chic look. This, of course, has to be a woman’s, as opposed to mens leather blazer, seeing that we are talking about matching with fine leather handbags – which, by definition, are ladies’ accessories.