Leather Trench Coat Men

Trench Coats - Fashion Trends and how Practical are these Coats

Smart and confident, handsome and daring, business and free – this is a portrait of a dandy. Who would doubt!?

The success of such look is not simple. There are lots of options to implement attractiveness and sophisticated urban look, but it is hard to catch its real flavor.

The visions of top designers on creating the look of a bold and trendy man resemble this season. So, many of them offer various versions of a business image, introducing in their collections awesome and appropriate coats and blazers to everyday work look.

In the diversity of outerwear material, we may find the most popular – leather. There are many explications to choose this texture, which the designers try to submit in their fashion selection.

How about wearing leather trench coat men? For the beginning and middle of autumn, it is a good variant to look fabulous and modishly perfect. The wearers of this article of clothing have a splendid image to seduce women and make surrounding people envious. Lion look with a confident gait is formed exactly due to beautiful wear like this.

Leather trench coat men used to be in fashion in 1990s. Then they were displaced by other coats, tailored of different fabrics. But leather statements have also defeated in fashion coats battle. So it now seems, this piece may be worn forever. Snappy dressers especially underline this outfit, because of its comfort, chic and mannish silhouette.

On the catwalks there were presented leather trench coat men of classic shades. Black, deep and light brown are the most shown variants of colours for the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season. The silhouettes are different – from slim to oversized, with length hesitation – over or below knees.

Such fashion inventors as Todd Snyder, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Cherruti, Balenciaga, Band of Ousider, Brioni, Hermes, Fendi and Valentino created modernized samples of trench coats of white, brown and black colours. They attracted new lines in their collections, adopting renewed variants. Oversized and shapely strict coats are teamed with leather pants, denims and cigarette pants for office wear, dressed over V-neck sweater, woolen jerseys, office suits and shirts with ties.

Some leather trench coat men, represented by aforementioned designers, are zipped or buttoned; there are also pea coats with straps on the waists, tailored of durable leather material. The accents are also focused on masculine shapes. The founder of a unisex style, Yves Saint Laurent, calls fashion lovers to underline a leather overcoat in upcoming spring season 2015, placing classic tendencies into his exclusively classy idea.

Leather trench coats, which are adorable by brutal men, may be paired with clothing of different shades and fulfilled with patent or suede shoes. The accessories, called to distinguish real men, are as usual represented by glasses, cufflinks on the shirts and an umbrella will add this attractive and clever look some special seductiveness in a rainy day.

The coats may be worn in different weather conditions; riding a car or a motorcycle, taking a taxi, or even going by underground, it will impress people around you.

If there is a need to stand out the crowd and underline some provocative or gentlemen elements, it would be the right choice to put on a trilby hat. Cowboy look may be created, if dressing in fringed pants and cowboy footwear, made of rough leather with shabby tones.