Leather Coats

Leather coat– What's hot this season.

Leather being the hot favorite of designers and the customers alike. They fancy the leather apparel as the best clothing to flaunt their style. The fashion industry uses the leather in a variety of ways to make clothing and accessories. To name a few is the leather jackets, coats, hats, gloves and pants etc and the list goes on. But the most commonly used clothing type comes in the form of leather coat and jacket. Yes! It is the most sought for leather apparel which is worn by the Hollywood celebrities as well as the common people. The awesome variety of the leather coats available on the market even makes it hard for the customers to differentiate the true leather from the fake one. However, the quality speaks volumes about the worth of the product and hence the sales are always on a high when it comes to the leather coats.

Well! If you also want to look smart and fashionable, you may go for your favorite leather coats. But before that you need to know what the hottest trends are this winter. Leather coats comes in a wide range of colors but the most favorite this season are the ones in black and brown. Since these are men’s shades, they look elegant and graceful. However, women mostly like funky colors like yellow, pink and blue. These coats are basically dyed after the due processing of leather.

The length of a leather coats may vary from just under the hip to the full length coat. Most of the people prefer the full length of the leather coats as they want to have a protective coating over the clothing. Since the leather coats were originally designed to ensure protection from the extremely cold weather, the practical aspect is still under consideration despite variations of style. Therefore, the full length leather coats with buttoned enclosures make the best choice for all those out there who are living in the cold regions.

Keeping in mind the elements of practicality as well as fashion, the designers offer various styles of collars. A long collar extending down to the mid-rib is, however, gaining popularity as it not only looks stylish but also offers protection against strong thrust of wind. These coats also come in a detachable fur collar which may be used according to the intensity of the weather covering your neck area from cold. The fur collars are mostly liked by women as it adds to their personality.

Talking about the enclosure of the leather coats, the buttoned enclosures are in fashion this winter. You may choose your favorite style from the single breasted and the double breasted designs of the leather coats. The double breasted coats have an overlapping front closing on to the second column of buttons. The style looks sensuous and catchy while keeping you safe from the windy weather. The double breasted style is mostly preferred by the people who are a bit skinny and want to look fuller. On the other hand, if you are already having a plus size, you should go for a single breasted coat as it will make you look slim and smart than usual. The buttoned cuffs are more popular these days coupled with large front pockets so as to offer storage capacity to the customers.