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Leather Coats: How to Check Quality Before Purchase

We often encounter questions from people who are interested in knowing how they can check for quality before purchasing leather coats. Typically, leather coats are costly. As such, the people who buy the leather coats want to be sure about the quality, before paying the rather hefty (and sometimes ridiculously high) prices asked for the coats. Against that background, people shopping to buy both leather coats for men and leather coats for women express interest in knowing how to carry out proper quality checks.

As it turns out, checking quality before purchasing leather coats is not hard: you just have to be keen. You also need to be objective, and desist from buying coats whose inspection reveals major defects - even if you happen to have fallen in love with such jackets on account of their appearances. That latter bit can be hard: for we often see people who carry out quality checks which reveal major defects, but having fallen in love with the outfits, they still go ahead to buy (obviously) defective jackets.

Ultimately, before purchasing leather coats, you need to:

Look at the color, clarity and suppleness of the leather

This will tell you about the grade of leather used in making the leather coats in question. There are three basic grades of leather, with grade one being the highest quality and grade three being the lowest. Leather is graded on the basis of its color, on the basis of its clarity and on the basis of its suppleness. Thus, whether you are buying leather coats for men or leather coats for women, you should go for those made of the clearest and supplest leather, and those whose color is unblemished.

Examine the seams carefully

In examining the seams, you will be seeking to understand whether, firstly, they are sturdy seams or weak seams. What matters here is not the size of seams: as you can have big seams that are, unfortunately, very weak. You can also have small (fine) seams that are structurally sound and very strong. What you need to be looking at is therefore the structural consistency of the seams. If, for instance, you notice broken seams, you should know that you are looking at poor quality. There is also the small matter of straightness: because if you see seams that are not straight, you may have reason to be worried about the quality of workmanship.

Check for signs of surface dyeing

Inasmuch as you can avoid it, you should desist from buying leather coats that are subjected to surface dyeing. For some reason, leather coats for men seem to be more commonly affected the by surface dyeing defect than leather coats for women. To put it simply, surface dyeing is low quality dyeing. What you should be aiming for is the technique referred tot as aniline-dyeing, because that is dyeing of much higher quality. In terms of what you should specifically look out for, in this case, your focus should be on needle marks, and the seams that result from them. If these are of the same color as the leather used in making the coat, then there is a high probability that it is the product of aniline dyeing (and is hence of a high quality). There may, however, be some notable variance between the color of the coat and the color of the needle marks. In that case, you are likely to be looking at a product of surface dyeing – which, as we have said, is low quality dyeing.