Leather Coats For Men

Evergreen Styles of Leather Coats

Certain remarkable styles of leather coats never seem to fall out of fashion. Fashion season after fashion season over the decades, these styles of leather coats keep on trending. Those are the styles that are referred to as being ‘evergreen styles’. We have evergreen styles of leather coats for men as well as evergreen styles of leather coats for women. The good thing with these styles of leather coats is that once you identify them, you can buy beautiful leather coats which are likely to be always in fashion. That is important, because a common fear faced by every leather coat buyer is that of buying seemingly good coats which, unfortunately, fall out of fashion in months. This fear is what motivates people to be keen on identifying the evergreen styles of leather coats, which include:

The tan-colored lamb leather jacket for ladies

This is one of the leather coat styles that are always evergreen, in as far as leather coat fashion trends go. Being a lamb leather jacket, this is obviously a very supple jacket which could even be comfortably worn next to the skin with nothing else. For the sake of decency though, these jackets are worn with a wide range of outfits, from cashmere sweaters to denim shirts and even pink silk tops. This is one of the jacket styles that come with options: one of those being the option of a high neck collar (which can optionally be done away with).

For elegance’s sake, this jacket comes with a front, center-based zipper, making the jacket also suitable for wearing in fairly formal settings. This is one of the evergreen styles of leather coats for women, though with a few adaptations that add hints of masculinity, leather coats for men under this style can also be designed.

Slim fit biker leather jackets for men

Very few fashion seasons have come and gone with no slim-fit biker jackets for men. Thus, slim-fit biker leather jackets for men, especially those in the lighter colors, can be said to be in the list of evergreen styles of leather coats for men. The best of these are made out of 100% real and pure leather, and the slim-fit look is achieved by having the jackets cut very closely to the intended wearer’s body. The best of these slim fit biker jackets for men come with funnel necks, with the standard four pocket design.

Leather bomber jacket with band collar

From the year when leather bomber jackets were widely accepted as mass fashion items, the leather bomber jacket with a band collar has always been trending: making it an evergreen style. Most of these jackets come with side pockets that have zippers (zipped side pockets), and the band collars also come with zippers for fastening. The best of these coats come with cuffs which are knitted onto the wrists. These are primarily leather coats for men, though some daring women are known to strut around with them and, admittedly, the jackets don’t look too bad on the ladies either.

Leather coats for women with embellished sleeves

When they first started to trend, many of us expected leather coats for women with embellished sleeves to fall out of favor soon. We were wrong. Many seasons from the one in which these coats first become popular, they are still greatly adored: which earns them a place in the list of evergreen styles of leather coats for women. Most of these coats are basically rendered under the biker style design, and they are regular-fit jackets with full linings.