Leather Shirt

Leather shirt - How practical and where to wear

Lovable leather is the trend of the season. Anything leather whether a jacket, skirt, dresses, pants, leggings, etc., if you’re wearing one of these items then consider yourself hip and ‘in with it’. Fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Nile Barrett and Zilli have come up with a few leather shirt designs that a classy and elegant. Not forgetting appropriate for formal and casual wear.

Because leather has become so popular, it is not only the rich and famous that can afford to wear the latest leather garment. There are synthetic leathers in the market that are cheaper than the authentic genuine leather but they look just as good. The leather shirt is available in synthetic leather.

Faux or PU leather is at least 5 or 6 times cheaper than genuine leather. A Saint Laurent original leather piece has a cost of around $1000. Aliexpress.com sells a men’s leather shirt for around $45 a piece. The cheap price of some leather shirts may be due to the fact that the leather doesn’t make up most of shirt for the designer.

Most have a faux leather shirt that has cotton sleeves. Most leather shirts and garments play around with the design of the shirt by adding either a chunk of the leather or a strip of it. Pairing it with cotton, lace, and fur, pairing and playing around with leather as a shirt gives the shirt an edge and stylishness that isn’t achievable with the leather jacket.

Since the leather shirt isn’t exactly a clothing item the general public knows, how to wear it can be a bit difficult. The leather shirt comes in a formal and casual design. Some runway fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Saint Laurent have formal shirts. These are more suitable for office wear, a black tie event or a dinner party. A faux leather shirt is fit for the beach or a trip to the club/bar with friends.

Dressing the shirt isn’t much of a hassle. Ladies can rock it with jeans, shorts, cotton pants, leggings or a skirt. This can be paired with killer high heels or pumps. Men can wear the shirt with slim fitting chino pants or normal pants. A stylish hat will put the final touch to the outfit. What you wear with the shirt should be suitable for whatever occasion you will be getting dressed for.

Explore other avenues of dressing the shirt by choosing a bright color like red or blue or a neutral color like brown or a pastel pink. There are a few available in stores or online. Polyvore.com stocks the latest and hottest designer clothes. They have designers like Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and more for you to choose from.

Anthropologie.com has a one-of-a-kind make of the shirt. It is predominantly made of perforated leather and it comes in a deep red. The shirt is a steal for a price of $88. It is made for ladies. It is elegant, it fits the perfect balance of meeting the formal and casual world.

The leather shirt is slightly new to the 21st century. It is the item to have for spring, winter or summer. It can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Choose your favorite between a standard t-shirt design, a button up shirt, a short or a long sleeved tee. Whilst the world follows the leather jacket, step out in style with the leather shirt for men or women. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.