Western Chaps

The cowboy look - Hot trends this season

The fashion industry has become popular by simply taking styles and garments from different avenues and making them suitable for everyday casual, formal and informal wear. The cowboy look is trending and its thanks to fashion designers who looked for inspiration in unlikely places. The cowboy look was taken from the ranch to the runway and the big city. It has been around for centuries, this has been possible through its unique attire that isn’t worn by anyone else but western chaps herding horses.

This season, dressing up like a cowboy is hot hothot! There different clothes that make up a cowboy look. Most of it is made of leather. There are a few items that have married with style and are classy and sassy. Wearing cowboy attire isn’t only for themed bars with a mechanical bull. Below is a list of the trending cowboy attire that the western chaps have happily adapted to the fashion world.

Cowboy hat

This is the signature piece of the cowboy. A cowboy is seen through the hat.  The overlapping flaps are exclusive to cowboys. They use the hat for protection from the harsh sun when on the road. The cowboy hat isn’t exactly popular with the masses. It is only a few people who have tried and loved the hat. People other than mechanical bull riders and cowboy themed bars or shows.


The leather boots that are ankle high are fashionable and have a modern aspect to them. They have an elongated sharp point in front that doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Some formal men’s shoes have taken the sharp point and used it to give the men’s look a new and different look that is elegant and at times classy.

Belt and buckle

A well-fitting leather belt and jacket is essential to pull off the cowboy look trend. The cowboy look is the look that introduced the oversized buckle to the public. Rappers like Lil’ Wayne and Soulja Boy are famous for wearing the buckle. Most buckles can be customised with your name or can be bought from a general dealer. An original cowboy buckle is made of silver or brass. You can get your hands on one fairly easily.


Denim jeans are found anywhere and everywhere. It can be said that wearing or putting together a cowboy outfit is inexpensive. A pair of jeans that fit right is best displayed with a belt and buckle. A simple jean that is comfortable and durable is what works best for your cowboy look.


Substituted by the leather vest at times, a duster is a long leather jacket that sometimes comes with fringes on the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket.

Dressing like a cowboy is fairly easily. We all own a pair of good jeans and a shirt. Western chaps don’t only refer to the cowboys who love roaming around the dessert. The west is where the cowboy initially was seen and copied. Chaps are a sort of leather pant that’s deconstructed. They are strapped on top of the jeans and provide protection for cowboys working on horseback or the rodeo. They aren’t fashionable at all and shouldn’t be worn in any other setting than the ranch.

The cowboy look is versatile because you can wear one of the above mentioned garments and still be seen as a cowboy. However, when they are all worn at the same time they match one another and work together to create a classic and timeless outfit.