Motorcycle Chaps

The must have list of garments for bikers

Riding a bike is an exhilarating and invigorating experience. Motorcycle chaps who prefer the sound of the wind over being cooped in a ‘box/cage’ (otherwise known as a car) are familiar the satisfaction that comes with riding. In order to enjoy the open road every biker knows that safety comes first. So getting all your safety gear ducks in a row is essential for that magnificent first ride.

Besides having an actual bike and license to ride, there are a few things that you’ll need to finish off your biker look. Below is a list of all the must have garments for bikers. The list is for inexperienced drivers and experienced motorcycle chaps who want to update their gear.


A helmet that covers the head and face is essential. This comes in handy for when a crash happens. The helmet should be able to protect you from any impact of high speeds on the road. One with vents helps to keep your face aired for long journeys. Remember to wash the inside of the helmet regularly to remove the gym room smell that builds up over time.


If you are a biker who loves to look good and you know that some of the piece by piece apparel will ruin your style. You can go for the biker suit. It is more convenient than wearing the apparel separately. The suit offers great protection as none of the skin is exposed in case a crash happens.

Leather jacket

Motorcycle leather jacket come with padding or fitted armour around the elbows, shoulders, upper abdomen and back. The pads are there to protect the rider from injury during impact. The padding is placed in key strike areas that could hit the ground first.


They improve the grip and comfort. With gloves it is easier to operate the controls. The gloves also protect your hands from flying debris. A jacket and glove should go together as some gloves are longer than others. Choosing them with the jacket makes finding what works easier.

Leather pants

You can go with jeans or leather pants here. But take note that jeans won’t do anything for you during a crash. The best pants for riding a bike are leather pants. Leather pants come with padding for the hips and knees.

Leather boots

Biker boots should cover the ankle to prevent burn marks from the engine. The boot must be comfortable enough to provide firm shifting and the sole shouldn’t be slippery. You should be able to stand on the sole when stopping.

Biker safety is cool apparel to have, whether it is made by a specific famous motorcycle designer or it is from an affordable retailer. All biker garments must be made with 100% leather. Leather is durable and flexible and this makes it perfect for riding because it won’t be prone to tearing, cracking, peeling or drying up. Other biker apparel is made from fibres like Kevlar and Cordura. It is just as strong as leather and offers the same protection that leather does. The gear is heavy and bulkier but experienced motorcycle chaps know that not gearing up for the road could cost them their lives.

Not only is biker attire safe, but it also possesses a certain style and presence that has been copied by the world over. The fashion industry was inspired by biker wear to create a few leather garment masterpieces. Most biker apparel is coveted by ‘cage’ drivers and people alike.