Half Chaps

New Textures, Colors and Styles – The Hot Trend for This Season in Chaps

The hot trends for chaps this season incorporate new (previously unseen) textures, colors and styles. It looks as if the days when chaps had to be drab outfits are totally behind us, as we enter into the brave era of stylish chaps. Everything that can be altered in a pair of chaps to create a stylish look is being altered: hence the new textures, colors and styles that we are seeing. This is something that catching on, with regard to both the half chaps and the full chaps.

The new textures, colors and styles, which make for the hot trend this season in chaps include:

Suede chaps designed for the ultimate level of cowboy fashion elegance

When we talk about ‘new textures’ in leather chaps, we are referring to the likes of the suede chaps. The suede chaps look and feel soft, yet they are structurally extremely tough (as good chaps are supposed to be). The suede chaps look elegant from the day they are bought to the day they are retired, because polishing them to bring out the sheen in them is so easy. Those cowboy fashion enthusiasts who have been yearning for suede chaps that they could match with suede riding gear (such as suede jackets or suede pants) can now make full use of the suede chaps in question here.

Metallic-colored shiny chaps

These are among the types of leather chaps that are specifically designed to look outstandingly beautiful. Chaps seem to have been the last frontier for shiny leather outfits. We started with shiny leather pants, followed by shiny leather skirts, and then shiny leather jackets. Now, finally, we have shiny leather chaps: both half chaps and full chaps. Worn with good quality leather jackets, the metallic-color shiny leather chaps bring about a solid touch of elegance.

Plain chaps with accentuated zippers

These have become the trending favorite leather chaps for wearing by people who want to infuse stylishness to otherwise coldly practical riding chaps. The placement of the accentuated zippers on these chaps is hard to ignore: the first thing you notice, when you look at the said (otherwise plain, even dull) chaps are their elaborate zippers, typically made out of shiny materials.

Pink-colored leather chaps

These are the favorite chaps for ladies who are not afraid of flaunting their feminineness, even in the testosterone-driven cowboy arenas in which chaps are normally worn. Whoever said that chaps had to be in the stereotypical masculine colors such as the deeper hues of brown and ‘plain’ black was obviously wrong. Chaps can be rendered in all colors, as the pink chaps have shown us. Whoever also said that chaps could only be rugged (and not ‘cute’) must also have been wrong, as these cute pink chaps have shown us.

Full grain leather chaps

These are the trending chaps whose distinction is not only in terms of the textures brought about by use of full grain leather, but also in terms of color and style. Most collections now have both full-grain full-length leather chaps, as well as half chaps made from full grain leather. An important quality in genuine chaps is that they shouldn’t scratch easily, and the full grain leather chaps have that exact quality. The latest full grain leather chaps are available in new, previously unseen colors, such as yellow and burgundy.