Cowboy Chaps

Cowboy Chaps – The Shades and Styles of This Season

This season has been good for cowboy fashion enthusiasts. This is a seen in which we have seen all sorts of new shades and styles for cowboy fashion items. Among those are cowboy chaps, for which several amazing shades and styles have become available this season. Those new shades and styles of this season for chaps are the ones we will be examining more keenly, and they include:

Star decorated brown chaps

Traditionally, chaps used to be the plainest leather outfits, but now we are seeing designers putting some effort into decoration. The result is the likes of the star decorated brown chaps. The star decorations are mostly white, and in many of the cowboy chaps with star decorations, the outlines are also decorated with white studs. These can be listed among the new styles for this season, as far as chaps go.

Chaps with stitched pockets

These are chaps on which the fine stitches attaching the pockets are clearly visible. These serve the purpose of introducing some stylistic focal points on chaps that would otherwise look too plain, perhaps even - to some keen observers -- too drab. To bring about a ‘luxurious’ appearance, buttons made out of attractive materials are added to the stitched pockets. The chaps made in this way naturally stand out from chaps of similar colors and shades, on account of the distinctive stitched pockets and the buttons on the pockets.

Chaps with fringes

The fringes in these chaps serve the role of making the chaps distinctive, in terms of greatly enhanced cosmetic appeal. In most cases, the fringes are of the same colors and shades as the chaps they are attached to, but their frayed appearance makes them stand out. In most of the cowboy chaps where fringes are attached, we are seeing leather lacing which is what joins the chaps with the fringes.

Studded leather chaps

These are chaps whereby the edges are lined with studs, adding a certain undeniable degree of beauty. The nice thing about the beautification of leather chaps with studs is that it maintains the highly desirable rugged look in the chaps, whilst at the same time introducing beauty.

Leather chaps in the darker shades of brown

For some reason, the previous seasons have been dominated with the classic light brown chaps, but this season is one where leather chaps in the darker shades of brown are proliferating. These are attractive chaps, and it is hard to figure out why leather chap designers of yore never gave serious thought to the darker shades of brown.

Two toned leather chaps

This is arguably the first season in which two toned leather chaps are being seen. In question here are leather chaps in which you find most of the bodies in a lighter shade of brown, while small (but still highly visible) sections are in a darker shade of brown. Through these leather chaps, we learn that color monotony is actually not an essential leather chap quality – and that leather chaps can be designed in two (or possibly even more) color tones.

Leather chaps with bleed-knots

Bleed-knots, just like lacing, are used in leather chaps, especially the newest ones coming into the market in this season, to serve a decorative role. Lady cowboys (or, as it were, cowgirls) will probably find the leather chaps with bleed-knots attractive, as they line up with the typical feminine idea of ‘beauty’ in an outfit.