White Leather Belt

Leather belt - the essential attribute of any fashionable wardrobe

Wardrobe basics like the belt and the slippers are items that are rarely considered as essential. The leather belt has moved from being a practical item to being a fashionable piece. The belt comes in different names and uses. The leather belt can be a figure belt, a quilted belt, a peplum belt, a studded belt, the pencil belt, etc.

The figure belt accentuates the figure by pulling the dress, skirt or shirt together at the waist. The quilted belt showcases the pants it is worn with, it can be for casual or formal wear. The peplum belt also highlights the figure, like the figure belt, but the belt is longer on the bottom and is rather fashionable. The belt has the potential of being trendy. The studded belt is more appropriate for wearing it with jeans. It has a casual look more than any other belt that is designed.

Each belt is suitable for different occasions. Some are great for work and formal functions whilst others work better when taking a walk or when you are hanging out with friends. The main purpose of the belt initially was to adjust fit of pants or jeans. Even though they still serve this purpose they have become more and more stylish as the world has revolved. The belt does more than adjust, but majority of its designs are made to emphasize a certain part of the body, e.g. the waist.

The leather belt is not as limited as other leather apparel when it comes to colour. The belt has come in different colours ever since the beginning of time. The dark colours are still a favourite, the blacks and dark browns for instance. The white leather belt has recently been spotted and fashion houses are taking advantage by popularizing and making it an item that no person who is fashion conscious should go without. A white leather belt hasn’t always been in style. Since colour blocking has made tsunami waves all over the world, the belt came in to tone down the bright shades of blue and red. It stands out thanks to its overt colour.

Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Hugo are few of the fashion houses that released a white belt not so long ago. Belt designs have become extraordinarily and extravagantly designed. Belts have checkered, silver bullet, gold, and studded accessories added to them. A belt now forms part of an outfit. It is no longer a useless piece to be hidden from plain sight. 

The peplum Zana Bayne white leather belt is extravagant in the sense that it is the first of its kind. Peplum is usually associated with shirts, dresses and skirts. Bayne has gone and turned the fashion industry on its head. He has thought out of the box and made a belt a stylish and chic item to have.

A belt is necessary for rounding off a garment. It is an essential for sizing garments that don’t fit right. In this day it does this in a stylish and classy way. There are a variety of styles to pull off, thanks to belt designs and makes being available in multitudes. The white leather belt is a neutral colour and it goes with anything. An all-black outfit can be elevated quite painlessly with a white belt.