Leather Belts For Women

Fancy leather belts- new colour, shades and new craftmentship this summer

Through the years the belt has become fancier ad fancier. These days it is mandatory that a skirt or dress comes with a belt. The belt is usually a different colour to the garment entirely. Depending on the colour of the garment, the belt will have a bright colour to make it stand out. Belts that come with dresses or skirts are predominantly pencil belts or braided leather belts. Leather belts for women are the belts that are stylish and have taken an extra step in being useful. For the most part a leather belt is worn to highlight the figure and create an illusion of a thin waist.

Accentuating the curves and contours of the female body can take different forms. Belts have seized to be one-dimensional. Just as the fashion world has changed to the needs of the public, the leather belt has joined the shift. Saving itself from extinction. Fashion designers have made different cuts of the belt. The pencil, figure, and waist belts are a few of them that fashion designer have come up with to suit the modern appeal. A belt can instantly take an outfit from drab to fab. It is leather belts for women that have gone through some drastic changes. The men’s belts have stayed more or less smart and neat for suit and tie moments like the boardroom and weddings. This could be because men are a lot more timid when it comes to contemporary than women are. Below are belts that are designed by various designers. They thought out of the box and created solid craftsmanship in a belt:

Zana Bayne peplum belt

This belt is still new. The belt is sold on polyvore.com. It comes in white. The belt is incredibly classy and elegant. A peplum belt is unheard of at the moment. Bayne’s belt is set to make waves as soon as it is worn by a celebrity on the red carpet, series, soapie or blockbuster movie.

White-black Checker Pyramid Studded Snap on Belt

This belt is made for casual wear. Paired with loafers it will stand out. The studs make the belt have texture. It is a men’s belt. It goes well with jeans and a shirt. The belt is fancy because it is rare to find a men’s belt that is coloured and studded. Only the few who dare to try it will be seen showing it off.

Dolce and Gabbana white quilted patent leather belt

This formal belt is for the sophisticated and classy lady. Its subtle quilt design makes for a simple outfit that isn’t loud or need much for it to be seen. Paired with a pencil skirt and a long sleeved formal shirt will do wonders for your confidence and fashion sense to anyone who sees you.

PGA TOUR Men’s Reversible leather belt

This orange leather belt has a feature that isn’t common with most belts. Its reversibility, the orange has a certain brightness to it that isn’t overwhelming or blinding. The shade is perfect. It can be worn casually on the golf course.

Belts on their own are inexpensive with a starting price of about $315 from a reputable retailer. A fancy belt could be pricier than a standard belt.  Leather belts for women are the ones that will set trends and thus creating a liking and demand for belts that are fashion forward and revolutionary.