Handmade Leather Belts

Handmade Leather Belts - The Latest Fads and Trends in Celebrities

Handmade leather belts are amongst the latest celebrity fashion fads and trends. We are seeing celebrities donning leather belts that are handmade, which in turn makes the general public start taking note of the said leather belts. Actually, depending on the types of handmade leather-based belts worn by celebrities, we are seeing trends and fads arising directly from the celebrity endorsements of the belts. This is in keeping with the scenario where, far from being passive adapters of fashion fads and trends set by others, celebrities are more often than not the fashion fad and trendsetters. Against that background, the latest fads and trends in celebrity fashion pertaining to leather belts that are handmade include:

Handmade leather-based braid belts with brass buckles

The handmade leather-based braid belts with brass buckles have become popular with female celebrities lately. These are belts made out of strands of leather that are braided to make up the bodies of the belts. By virtue of being belts that are made out of braided leather strands, these are obviously in the category of handmade leather-based belts and they look cute in every respect. The best of leather braid belts are made from vegetable tanned leather, with cowhide being particularly well-suited for this purpose. From the time notable celebs started being seen in these braid belts with brass buckles, the belts have over time come to be regarded as fashionable, especially for wearing with long dresses.

Brown hand-stitched leather belts with hand forged buckles

The fact that these are hand-stitched leather belts means that they qualify to be referred to as being handmade leather belts in the realest sense of the word. The hand forged buckles on these belts look distinctive – and they certainly can’t be mistaken for run off the mill, factory produced belt buckles. In the latest celebrity-endorsed versions of these belts, the buckles are iron based, and the variety of leather used is the vegetable tanned variety. These are the sorts of leather belts through which social status can be depicted, as vegetable tanned leather is always so elegant.

Colorful handmade leather-based belts with prints on the surface

The potential elegance in colorful belts was never widely recognized, until we started to see celebrities donning these colorful handmade leather-based belts with prints on the surface. These are leather belts with attitude, and they are best fully-consigned to wearing in casual settings, as they absolutely can’t fit in formal settings. The best colorful handmade leather belts with prints on the surface are made out of full-grained leather. This makes them easily distinguishable from cheap faux leather belt replicas.

Smooth cognac brown handmade leather-based belts

The cognac brown color on these belts makes them look ideal accessories for other leather outfits, such as leather skirts and leather pants, though they can still accessorize fabrics. It is perhaps these qualities that have made the said smooth cognac brown handmade leather-based belts attractive to the ever image-conscious celebs. The smoothness in these belts is inherent, as these are belts crafted out of the supplest leather, but that smoothness belies remarkable sturdiness in the belts. On account of the belts being smooth, they don’t rip or tear easily, and neither are they stiff. These are genuinely good looking leather belts, and it is easy to recognize them as handmade belts. This is because they have certain fine features distinguishing them from factory mass produced leather jackets.