Genuine Leather Belts

Leather Accessories This Fall-Winter - The Must Have

There are certain must-have leather accessories for this fall-winter fashion season. These are leather accessories that are trending, in their own right. These are also leather accessories that are good matches for other trending outfits, this fall-winter fashion season. The specific accessories in question range from genuine leather belts to leather belts for women and onto to leather caps and leather handbags with lots of other items in between. These are the sorts of accessories that people are going to great lengths to acquire, in order to complete their fall-winter fashion collections. Without further ado, the must-have leather accessories for this fall-winter fashion season include:

Black lambskin handbags with white pockets

These are the most elegant leather handbags in the market, designed to go with anything from stiff formal power suits to informal denim-trench coat combinations. With the main bodies in black and with the pockets in white, these handbags make optimal use of the most sharply contrasting colors. The hardware on these handbags is shiny, to further enhance the contrast and tip over the elegance. The sizing of these trending handbags is such that they are neither the overly big variety, nor the impractically small variety. They are just in the normal classic handbag sizes, and their attraction is in their color and design.

Calfskin box leather handbags

These are popular with ladies this fall-winter season, and most of them seem to be red in color. Rendered in the classic ‘box’ design, these handbags come with elongated handles which are joined to the bag’s main bodies using very shiny metal mechanisms. These too are handbags designed to go perfectly with a whole range of fall-winter ladies’ outfits, from woolen power suits to informal denims.

Men’s reversible textured leather belts

By virtue of them being reversible, these are belts designed in such a manner that both sides can be worn on the outside. The best of these belts have one side made out of the smoother varieties of black leather, with the other side being made out of the coarser varieties of brown leather. Color aside, another alluring thing in these genuine leather belts is their buckles, onto which a remarkable level of elegance is added by ‘rounding’. This is to say that the buckles on these belts are carefully rounded, and made out of metals with long-lasting sheens.

Men’s casual black smooth-grained leather belts

The smooth-grained leather used in making these belts is the type of leather that can’t be faked: meaning that there is no risk of these being mistaken for faux leather belts. In the latest fall-winter leather accessories collections, we are seeing most of the smooth grained genuine leather belts being designed with square buckles. These are the sorts of belts that complete the casual-smart look for men, though there are still some men who are able to don these as part of formal office-wear, with some good degree of success.

Metal plate leather belts for women

These are streamlined ladies’ leather belts, and the combination of leather with metal plating is extremely elegant. Designed to be worn with anything from the flowing varieties of ladies’ fabric dresses to shorter leather dresses for men, these belts, whose width is mostly in the one-inch range, are hard to ignore. Remarkable about these belts is the fact that they look appropriate when worn with dresses that are plain, as well as the shinier varieties of dresses. In other words, these are highly versatile belts for ladies.