Braided Leather Belt

Designer leather belts- the must have of this season

To be, or not to be: that is the question. Consciously inspired by this Shakespeare’s phrase, we deeply dive to the belts fashion ocean and catch the ‘gold fish’ of this season – braided leather belt – the must have for you to stay cool and stylish in global fashion team. In such a way we search the answer to the question, which is: ‘TO BE…IN FASHION with designer leather belts’.

What leather belts are on the fashion top this season? Which can become your favorites? Are there more practical and which of them suite better to your wardrobe?

Designers propose a wide range of multicoloured leather belts for this season – from classic black and brown to a vivid red. What is an appropriate belt for you? Different variations presented by Balmain, Versaci, Fendi can bring fresh ideas into your style and help you to reflect liberty and width of your soul. Even though men dream about some awesome and sophisticated variants, they have to remember about classic variations. Nevertheless, the variety of thongs is full of different kinds of leather, so, you can, undoubtly, chose the one you like more, definitely mixing proportions and lines.

How about wearing breaded leather belts? There are lots of variations of wearing them. You can wear such belts with denim attire or strict office suits, adding some peculiarity to a dandy style. But most of all it fits to creative casual look paired with caps, T-Shirts and a pair of jeans, sneakers or moccasins. The main reason of wearing this belt with mentioned garments is to feel comfortable in such clothing. It really attracts absolute time-honored fashion laws with their adopting into the contemporary minimalism and elegance, creativeness and simplicity.

Especially if you are going to impress your girl, you can put on a blue denim shirt and a dark-blue pair of jeans, finishing this look with brown breaded leather belt and brown leather shoes for a biker. She can easily lose her mind and open your new fashionable attractiveness, underlining your personality.

What’s your authenticity in? It’s the fashion position of your life, harmoniously hidden behind attractive accessories, you wear. What are they then?

It’s necessary to point out, that the belt is one of the main pieces of accessories, creating fundamental principles of the enchanting look. Modern women and men accomplishing new fashion tops aren’t inspired by statement accessories, but they are amazed with their history and popularity, new straps and buckles, prongs and genuine leather fabrics.

For the beginning of the fall the braided leather belt is a must have both for women and men. Belts’ unisex styles unite male and female dreams to be the first and give them a special opportunity to collaborate without any competition.

You may even attract passion with trendy patchwork leather belts. And no matter sporty or dandy style is included into your favorite look; leather accessories with suede shoes are risky to concentrate someone’s eyes on your style in real life, you even don’t need to dive into the fashion ocean to swim on the wave with the latest iconic trends, just feel what you must always have in your wardrobe and never forget about this thing, because it can stay on the top for ages. The same destiny waits for you. Admire yourself and give such an opportunity for people to be admired by you style.