Black Leather Belt

The belt - how it can make a style statement

The belt has lost its useful over the years. With low cut and high-waisted jeans being worn more and more, the belts resourcefulness has diminished. The fashion industry certainly doesn’t give it much concern. A good black leather belt goes well around a man wearing a suit and tie. There’s a certain elegance that this look gives off and without the belt it wouldn’t be successful. The black leather belt is not only there to create the perfect fit but to add a bit of style and panache.

A belt is worn to make jeans or pants fit right. That is the main reason for them. Rapper like Lil’ Wayne and Bow Wow wear the belt for a style appeal. This is seen through the way they place the jeans below the waist and let them hang on the ground. Their belts are bulkier and have shiny customised buckles that scream ‘I’m showing off’. This of course is expected considering that they are in show business. A spectacle is required in order to capture audiences and make money.

Even though value of the black leather belt has been lost in the market, the very few that wear it can make a style statement with it. It is possible because the belt is still being mass produced. Which means that it is still relevant to the market. Worn casually of formally, the belt can sometimes disappear into the outfit. People around you don’t even notice that you’re wearing a belt unless it is visible or you go around showing them your belt. The belt doesn’t always come as a single piece. These days certain clothing items come with belts attached to them to complete the look. Dresses, skirts, casual pants, etc. are sold with belts to indirectly let the shopper know that they need to wear the belt whenever they decide to wear the item.

Men’s belts are the most stylish and used. They can be sexy and handsome on a suit. Most belts come with buckles that shine or are glossy. It is common knowledge when wearing a suit; your shirt should be tucked in. A belt with a buckle is noticeable when a gleam of light bounces off of it. European belt manufacturer has in stock a wide collection of leather belts fit for casual, formal, semi-formal, and informal social settings.

The store stocks belt by some of the best designers in the world. Thomas Nash, Hammond & Co., Jeff Banks and John Rocha are some of the few designs they have for the customer’s indulgence. The genuine leather pieces have varying prices. Some can be as low as thirty-two dollars and go up to around $65.

Achieving a style statement with the black leather belt is possible. It isn’t only suitable for the office and boardrooms. A pencil leather belt that is coloured discreetly creates a chic appeal for men and women. A belt can add sophistication and smartness to anyone wearing it in a formal environment. Despite the belt not getting as many likes as before. It is still a necessity because a lot of people that don’t wear belts end up having their underwear out in the open for everyone to see. And that is not stylish in anyway.