Vintage Bomber Jacket

Vintage leather jackets - Whats so special about them

At present we witness extensive development of new tendencies in creating modernized and urban stylish looks, when general atmosphere of tailoring garments depends on the demands of large community of people and common lines, dictated by top fashion designers.

Special trends are recommended in lots of collections. Experts forecast leather garments, dominating for several years. Dresses, coats, skirts, shirts, coats, jackets and pants - such a wide range of leather outfit provides the necessities of many sides. Some clothing may be worn at office; other things are designed for gathering at special places for celebrities and average representatives of population.

In the contemporary world it is not enough to be a witness of fashion; there is a demand to be a participant of leading iconic images, which are being introduced in fashion collections, and to discover super trendy silhouettes for the inventions of an extravagant look. The first major step towards this activity is related with underlining retro traditions, predominating in the proposals of designers.

Vintage bomber jacket has already conquered a fashion sphere and established new rules of wearing it. But it classically leaves lots of abilities to emphasize retro tendencies within fashion experiments.

This type of clothes is underscored by such leading fashion creators as Viktor and Rolf, Fendi, Neil Berret, Marc Jacobs and others. Alexander Wang for Spring-Summer 2015 presents a black leathernet female jacket, paired with an asymmetric mini skirt. This look is the best choice for young twentysomethings and may be teamed with high heel shoes or boots, even with patent loafers.

So, vintage bomber jackets are extremely popular and may deem as a unisex wear. The influence of different fashion waves add to them a great quantity of basic variants to dress in it. For instance, females can courageously create their graceful and enchanting look, wearing this jacket with cigarette strict pants or cuffed light blue wide retro jeans and high hill shoes. There are also classic variants for representing a voguish style by men. Charmin bomber jacket may be also combined with cigarette pants of any colour or wide trousers to underline sporty elements, fulfilling the look with trendy suede trainers or patent loafers.

The mission of this article of clothing is easily explained, so as it is called to keep warmth in windy weather and create an amazing look.

Vintage bomber jackets are not usually frilly in their colours, because classic black and brown shades dominate in designers’ creations. Shabby leather of grey or mentioned tones adds some reminiscence and sweet feelings. Looking back to the past century, it appears before eyes a dark brown coloured coat with a sleek collar, knitted cuffs on the sleeves and a zipper down front to protect the wearer from bad winters. Patch or hidden pockets may fit to any style. It would be a nice variant to put on a wide scarf both for men and women to underline elegance and modern look, despite numerous vintage versions of jackets.

At the same time, there are many options to wear this statement outewear. Celebrities attract their way of wearing such apparel. For instance, David Beckham likes both supple and quilted bomber jackets. He pairs it with a hooligan cap which adds his super look mega stylish zest. His elder son Brooklin also likes to put on this retro chic jacket.

So, vintage retro jackets overcome the bans in fashion sphere and crate new bold iconic images, allowing the wearers to underline their taste and charming look.