Shearling Jacket

Shearling Jacket – The Stand Out Trends of This Season

Several shearling jacket trends have stood out, this season. These are trends that have stood out, even as more and more people are pressured by fashion trendsetters to make room for shearling-based jackets in their wardrobes. Generally, the shearling-based jackets are loved because they look chic, they are soft and cozy and they are durable. The outstanding shearling-based jacket trends of this season that we alluded to earlier include:

Hooded shearling-based jackets

These have turned out to be outstanding shearling-based jackets, and unlike ordinary hooded jackets, these are genuinely and unapologetically classy outfits. The hood on a typical shearling jacket is normally of the same color as the main body of the jacket. Some adventurous designers though, are making hooded shearling-based jackets in which the hood is of a color different from the main body. With some shearling-based hooded jackets, the hood is removable through a zipper mechanism, whereas others have the hoods permanently sewn to the jackets.

Belted shearling-based jackets

These are typically long shearling-based jackets, which have inbuilt belts towards the waist. In the most elegant of belted shearling-based jackets, the belt is of the same color as the rest of the jackets. In many of these belted shearling-based jackets, the belt in question is a cosmetic/aesthetic feature, and not a practical belt meant to be fully fastened.

Shearling-based jacket with embroidery

Most of these are thick shearling-based jackets, with the embroidery either on the inner parts or the outer parts of the jackets. In some of these jackets, the embroidery is limited to the collars, whereas others have the embroidery work on their entire bodies. Typically, in a shearling-based jacket, the embroidery will be of an eye-catching color that is distinct from the shearling-based jacket’s main body.

Suede shearling-based jackets

These are amongst the costliest, trendiest and most sophisticated-looking shearling-based jackets. Many of the suede shearling-based jackets are black in color, while a good number are brown. A considerable number of suede shearling-based jackets have some sort of fur on their collars, whilst other have plain collar (though, in the strictest sense of the word, nothing in a suede jacket can be said to be ‘plain’). Worn with tight denim pants and knee-reaching leather shoes, the suede shearling-based jackets depict ‘attitude’.

Low cost faux shearling-based jackets

Genuine shearling has tended to be expensive, putting genuine shearling-based jackets out of reach for most of the population made up of modest income earners. Yet those modest income earners have been yearning for some ‘version’ of shearling-based jackets: a need that has been solved with introduction of faux shearling.

Apparel material makers have really struggled to come up with decent looking faux shearling, but they seem to have finally got it right. The low cost faux shearling-based jackets come in the right colors and designs, meaning that their nature as replicas is not easily decipherable.

Stylish short-sleeved shearling-based jackets

Short-sleeved jackets are always eye-catching, and designers of shearling-based jackets have finally taken note of the need for there to be short-sleeved versions of such jackets. Worn with, say, leather pants or with turtlenecks, a short-sleeved shearling jacket will always be outstanding.

Cropped shearling-based jackets

Cropped shearling-based jackets look chic, and they are easy to clean. It is public demand that has largely led to the increased production of cropped shearling-based jackets by apparel factories. Makers of faux shearling-based garments have not been left behind, as we also have cropped faux shearling-based jackets available in the markets worldwide.